It is a well known fact that when Taliban had come to Afghanistan last time in the 20th Century, they had forced the Hindu Minority of Afghanistan to wear Yellow “H” Badges, similar to how the Nazis had forced the Jews of Germany to wear Yellow Star Badges.

And now, that same Taliban, has returned in power, with the same hatred for Hindus, and the same brutality. Indeed, this is a scary fact, not only for the few remaining Hindus of Afghanistan and Pakistan but also for the Hindus of INDIA. Because this time, the Taliban is not only planning to target Afghan Hindus, but also Pakistani and Indian Hindus.

The Taliban has already attacked many Indian Embassies and also destroyed the Afghan Flag that was given by India to Afghanistan , and they have done all of this out of the anti-Indian sentiment that ultimately stems from their Hinduphobia, as India is a Hindu Majority country.

Indian Embassy attack in Kabul: Details revealed in WikiLeaks
Indian Embassy Destroyed by Hinduphobic Taliban

And they have also not left Pakistan, who was supposed to be their “ally”, as they have been acting very mischievously near the Pakistani Border, almost crossing it at some points, which is very fishy, but this type of behavior is expected from the Taliban.

This is ultimately a hint by the Taliban that it plans to launch an invasion on it’s neighboring countries, namely Pakistan and India, and genocide the non-Muslim Populations in there. Now, Pakistan will not be affected that much by it, since it’s a Muslim Majority Country in the first place, but it is Hindu Majority India that will be VERY CAREFUL of the actions of the insane Taliban, which is a genocidal anti-Hindu Terrorist Organization.

The Taliban have also shown sympathy for the same Kashmiri Radicals that did the Kashmiri Pandit Exodus, which clearly shows that the Taliban whole-heartedly supports Hindu Genocide not only within Afghanistan, but also within India.

The Taliban Sympathizers within India also share this same dream.

The Afghan Taliban and Indian Taliban, who sympathize with the Main Afghan Taliban, are indeed working towards one goal – Destruction of Hindus!

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