Now it’s not safe for taxi drivers to take muslims as passengers. Recently, a taxi driver named Vishal has been murdered on 19th of September by Taslim, Shahrukh and aabid whom were his passengers. His dead body was found lying in a drain near Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway.

According to reports, taxi owner Harvinder Singh had lodged a missing report of his driver Vishal on September 22. He had stated that Vishal’s mobile phone has been switched off since the evening of 19th September. After Police searched for Vishal his body was found on 26th of September near the Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway.

When the police started investigating the murder, the name of Tasleem, a resident of Rawa village of Firozpur police station area of ​​Alwar, first came to the fore. When Tasleem was arrested and interrogated, he confessed to the murder and robbery. He also stated that Shahrukh of his Rava and Aabid of Haryana Nuh were also involved in this. The police have also arrested both of them.

SHO Sunil Tak of Naugaowa police station said that Delhi resident Harvinder Singh son Swaran Singh had reported that his taxi driver Vishal Chalbagh, resident of Vishal son Shivam, Haryana had gone to leave Alwar after taking a ride from Delhi. On September 19 in Alwar, around 6 pm, the driver dropped the ride at a hotel.
After that he left for Delhi from there. Three youths, who carried out the robbery and murder on the pretext of riding from Alwar, sat down. Those who started coming to Ferozepur about 45 km ahead stopped the taxi. After this, two got down on the pretext of paying rent.

One hit an iron rod on the head of the taxi driver from behind. Due to which he fainted. After this, they brought the driver back in the taxi and brought him back towards Naugaowa. Here the dead body of the driver was dumped on a drain near the Delhi Mumbai Express Highway and took the taxi. The driver was killed by stoning him on the head.

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