Mughal Tharoor, who is Hindu in name only (HINO) is known to come up with ways to color everything with a fanatic Izlamic agenda. Example: Diwali being Jashna-E-Chirag and the latest assault on unsuspecting Christians – replacing Merry Christmas with Jashna-E-Jejus Paidaish.

So remember, instead of wishing a missionary or Jejus fanatics a Merry Christmas, make sure to use the cute, terrorist-friendly and ultra-secular, Mughal greeting instead. You will not need a dictionary to decipher the words this time. Prophet Tharoor has yet to go study proper Arabic under the grand Mufti of Egypt like he studied English at Oxford. We will have to settle for low-class Urdu for now, but stay tuned for next year’s surprise!

Maulana Tharoor is supposed to impose… err … implement this new greeting all throughout Kerela soon, since he believes that he is a badshah, above democratic law.

So, dear readers, this December, Jashna-E-Jejus Paidaish Mubarak Ho!

Image: Twitter

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