The article provides a gist of the menace created by Christian missionaries in India and the way society & government has initiated the fightback against these Anti India Forces.

Post Independence we had increasing Missionary activities in India as the English missionaries were free to convert people in the liberal atmosphere of the then Congress dispensation. The economically backward sections of the society were an easy target. These people were converted under the guise of providing the food, medical facility & other material benefits. The initial conversion used to start by providing the rice bags and duping people to come under the Christian fold. Hence the converted people were loosely referred to as “Rice Converts”. The missionaries further depicted the Hindu deities as Satan Gods & instilling fear in the minds of people to hate their own religion. In 1951, the Government of India gave the entire education budget of state of Mizoram in the hands of Missionaries to run the education Institutes across Mizoram.

The most concerning issue in the spread of Evangelical activities is the DIGESTION of the Hindu culture. To make the Christian rituals familiar, the Pastor starts wearing Saffron clothing and show that Christianity indeed is an off shoot of the Hinduism. Missionaries even preach that Jesus Christ happen to be visit India during his lifetime & the God himself has blessed the land of India.

Bharat is the only country where the majority Hindus are struggling to save their Dharma from the conversion mafia. The majority community is demanding an Anti-Conversion Law is an oxymoron. On one hand Islamists are waging demographic change in name of Love Jihad, and on the other there are Christian evangelists who are using door to door campaigns armed with hate literature against Hindu Dharma and other brainwashing methods like quick healing funded by foreign money to convert Hindus. But now Hindu Society is fighting back. Of course, these self-defensive actions are projected as ‘Hindu Nationalist aggression’ or blamed on Sangh Parivar & it gets reciprocated across the liberal loving media of the West.

Some of the latest events that have come to light as the crackdown has started are:

Orissa Missionary accused of Sodomising

John Bridge an Englishman who founded Faith Reach Organisation has been running an orphanage in Jharsugda district of Orissa. John acquired an Indian citizenship in 1992. Under the garb of orphanage, he has converted many children in Christianity, one minor who stayed in the orphanage has accused John of Sodomising at age 14. Now the victim is adult and has filed a police complaint. The Orissa police has taken John in custody & is charged with section 586/20 under the POSCO Act.

Gujarat Priest harassment of minor girl

Curiosity lead a 11th standard girl to an Ahmedabad church along with her neighbour on the Christmas eve, Priest Gulabchand spoke with the girl & asked her to bring her parents along with her. The girl didn’t show up, so the priest called the Father & asked the whole family to visit the church. After the girl visited to church along with her parents, priest Gulabchand started sending kissing pictures to girl & also said “I Love You” & even stalk her. When she is alone, he used to ask her to undress herself on a video call. He threatened to defame her if she doesn’t comply with his demands. After series of events, the girls parents reported the matter to nearby Police station & the Pastor was arrested under the charges of harassment.

Intolerance at Bharata Mata Statue in Kanyakumari

Christian organisation Church of South India (CSI) in Kanyakumari complained to Police about the presence of Bharat Mata Statue in the Issaki Amman Temple is next to the road & it hurts their feeling to see the Bharat Mata Statue every time they pass the roads. The secular Tamil Nadu Police promptly blocked the statue of the Bharata Mata. When this news broke in the social media & huge uproar was made on twitter the collector of Kanyakumari ordered the restoration of the statue. The entire Hindu community perform Abhishek ham & Pooja to arrange proper restoration of the Diety.

Government Crackdown on the Missionaries:

The BJP Government has taken steady steps to eradicate the menace of conversions. In first 5 years of Modi Government about 14800 so called NGO’s were deregistered over violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)

Recently four major missionary organisations whose FCRA licence were suspended are New Life Fellowship Association (Mumbai), Evangelical Churches Association (Manipur), Ecreosoculis North Western Gossner Evangelical and Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church (Jharkhand). 2 more missionaries Baptist Church & Seventh Day Adventist Church are under the close watch of the Government. The organisations like Rajnandgaon Leprosy Hospital and Clinics and Don Bosco Tribal Development Society have been banned as these organisations were carrying our conversion activities in the name of social service. In numbers, FCRA licences have been suspended for 20674 NGO’s, while for 6702 NGO’s the licences have expired. While 22457 NGO’s still are active in India.

Pentecostal Churches is one of the major missionary in Kerala. Annually Kerala receives Rs 100 Cr inflows of foreign funds until 2014, but due to the stricter actions of the Government & also the inability of these missionaries to provide adequate information on the source of funds have ensured the decline of 40% in the fund inflow. Hundreds of Pentecostal missions are not without money & pastors who have taken loans & bought houses and cars, now they don’t get salary to service their debts & it has lead to the crackdown of the missionary work within Kerala to a large extent.

The major move by the BJP led Government at the center has come with the amendment of the Foreign (Contributions) Regulation Act (FCRA) in Parliament session in September 2020. As per the amendments, The NGO’s registered under FCRA are allowed to spend 20% of the total contribution on the administration expenses from the earlier 50%. Also the single bank entity a designated State Bank of India branch in Delhi can only receive the FCRA Fund for all NGO’s across India. Also the FCRA licensed NGO cannot transfer funds to any other NGO leading to the

The real crackdown has now begun with these Amendments, We will get to see the impact of these amendments in a year from now. Keep checking this space for further updates on the most important Demographic challenge the Hindu society is facing in India.



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