In the past few years, France has seen an abrupt increase in the attacks led by Islamist Jihadist who are the murder maniacs thirsty for the blood of Kafir i.e nonbelievers, France Has fallen prey to these barbaric Islamist but whatever chaos we are witnessing today in France, for example, the beheading of Teacher for making a cartoon of the prophet of Islam, shootout at Charlie Hebdo office killing innocent people, Jihadist attack during the football match of France and Germany recently shows that how France has become a stronghold of the Islamist, but all this has not happened in few years but the seeds of the establishment of Islamic Caliphate were sown a few decades ago when Muslims were not even 1% of France total population. The passivity and softness of Political leadership and media establishment of France on Islamic Fundamentalist in France are also responsible for all the turmoil which French people are bearing, must remember that France was among the Nation which after the unfortunate 9/11 incident criticized America for carrying out the invasion in Iraq and also through its official mouthpieces sympathized for Saddam Husain, French leadership at that time thought by not supporting America in its war against Islamic terrorism they would forever make friendship and strong ties with Al Qaida but they were wrong, this decision at that time was taken to appease French Muslims who always felt for their Iraqi brethren fighting AMERICAN FORCES, in the name of multiculturism they conceded all the demands of Muslims and the outcome of that is now entire France is on the verge of ISLAMIZATION. We will analyze the blunders and mistakes committed by France regarding tackling Radical Islam.

In France Just like the whole Europe had at first made a policy for the migrant people which was seriously flawed and outrageously abused by Muslim migrants like not showing their passports and other related documents but still allowed to enter the country, that was nothing but a conscious act of subversion by the illiterate Muslim migrants but authorities and politicians took scant notice of it and as result horde of asylum seekers poured into France from Arab and African nations, The grave mistake by politicians is by granting Madaris and mosques all the govt financial aids and also disdained the idea of integration of Muslim migrants in the french society and encouraging them to be in their native traditions only and not learn about French history, cultures, language, etc, Muslims migrants also kept a check on their self-segregation from the French society and therefore all marriages in Migrant Muslim family are mostly transnational in which Husband if from France then Wife would from any North African nation like Morroco and vice versa, and if not transnational then marriages in Migrant Families are conducted within the Migrant community in which Husband and wife both belong to Migrant community, The gruesome and inhuman Islamic religious practices like female genital mutliation, circumcision of penis of infant child are not outlawed by French authorities, the State of women in Muslim migrant family is also very worst, they are subjected to merciless beating by their families and many times fall victim to Honor killing which is very prevalent in Muslim society, the handouts given by the France to the needy and poor people are also enjoyed by Muslim migrants who perceive them as Jaziya which is given to them by Kafirs and thus taking all the undue benefits of Democracy and then using that money and resources to assault people and do rioting on the streets, indulge in gay bashing and then start crying like victim when severe backlash they face from America. The jews in France are now accustomed to endure the Islamic brutality and Police, authorities instead of assuring them about their security, they tend to inculcate the feeling among the Jewish community in France that they can only live peacefully in their homeland in Israel and not in France and many Jews are migrating from France due to widespread Islamic onslaught unleashed upon them thus vandalizing their graves, synagogues, the proliferation of Anti-Semitic acts with an increase in the Muslim population and failure of French authorities to shield them from Islamist has, in turn, emboldened the Islamist even further and so many a times Jewish people are harassed by Muslim Gangs in the midst of the road, Many Jews afraid of confrontation with Muslim has even started hiding their stars of Davids and also refrain from wearing their religious caps in the public. The Political and Media community, the elites, academia turned a blind eye towards the surge of Islam in France and now the threat of Islam is looming on France due to the ideological blindness of their leaders

There are many geopolitical and Historical aspects behind France Muslim appeasement politics, the ambitious leaders of France seem to have been still living in the era of Napolean, and therefore they wish to revive it by trying to portray France as the cynosure of Democratic values, freedom of expression in Europe, France sought to position itself as a third force between the two superpowers Americans and soviets. This had nothing to do with dedication to any moral principle; it was a purely strategic move designed to win for France a pivotal role that its own economic and military strength could not, by itself, justify. The development of the Common Market into an EU superstate was a product of this ambition; so was the Euro-Arab Dialogue. The
EU, sold to politicians and journalists across Europe as a project dedicated to peace and political correctness was in fact is a means to gallic power, so France’s rulers now aimed to form a French-led European confederation with the entire Arab world as a protectorate. It can be predicted that as the Arab population of Europe rises, the dream of an empire straddling the Mediterranean will indeed come true. It won’t
be a European-led confederation of free peoples, however, but an oppressive Arab empire. France failed in its efforts to form a cultural centrality around itself, the obsession of France with anti-Americanism was good politics to ensure Muslim votes for the upcoming election and also not to alienate them but the potential threat was never America but Islam. France violated UN sanctions and helped Saddam with arms and ammunitions but when the journalist of France was kidnapped by Al Qaeda who demanded the rescinding of the decision to ban headscarves in France but still this incident wasn’t enough to open the eyes of French leaders and they didn’t realize that for Islam not only America but France and all are their rivals too, France will soon now become the battlefield since jihadist only believe that only honorable response to France is the fury of jihad, right from their childhood they are taught that kafirs are beneath them, all kafir women are whores and non-Muslim must be subjugated, govt will still provide them all benefits of welfare schemes expecting that they will then change their loyalty from Ummah to their nation-state, it is only a delusional state of leaders and these jihadists will very willingly take your money and then they would applaud those who seek to destroy France. An appropriate time has now arrived for the whole world to take a firm and united stand Against Islam as now not only our sovereignty is facing threat but the way of life is also at stake, wake up all the world leaders, and stop Islam.

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