Despite hardships, the people who have the the hand of Bhagwan on their head, attain the eternal supremacy. The story of Sant Tukaram certifies the above line. Born in Dehu village of Pune, Sant Tukaram was one among the great bhakti sages of India. Life gave him maximum troubles which could be given to any individual person, wife and mother died in a famine, second wife tortured him as much as she could. Troubles and miseries tortured him, at last his Guru Chatanya give him the name of Bhagwan Vitthal and he started composing the Abhangas in the praise of Bhagwan Vitthal. He composed 4000 Abhangas in Marathi in the praise of Bhawan Vitthal.

मानव जन्म के मूल कारण की खोज करने पर हम पाते हैं कि हमारा जन्म दुखों को सहन करने के लिए हुआ था

Troubles once again cuddled him when Rameshwar Shastri forced him to dump his Abhangas in the river but see the miracle of Vitthal and the mystery of Tukaram’s devotion that on the third day the Abhangas were found dried and floating on the river. Rameshwar Shastri was shocked and realized his mistake.

Soon his fame reached Shivaji. The young leader could not stop himself and joined Sant Tukaram in hari kirtan. It is said that Mughals send the army of 1000 soilders to attack Shivaji but it was Tukaram’s bhakti which saved Shivaji. An army of young people alike Shivaji came there in the defence of Shivaji and he managed to escape.

Such a great saint Tukaram died at the age of 42, leaving his teaching in the form of Abhangas guiding the people of today’s generation.

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