Ruined sleep schedules, extreme boredom, listlessness and even mild depression are some symptoms of being stuck in an extended lockdown. A lot of us are in an edgy state when it comes to our mental health due to everything that’s been going on, or rather, due to everything that has not been going on due to COVID-19. And it’s perfectly understandable. After all, the world has been placed in limbo all because a guy ate a bat in China, it’s enough to drive anyone bat-shit crazy, if you’ll forgive the pun.

A typical day in quarantine for most of us…

So you’ll be excused for feeling low, or for suffering from a seemingly endless phase of lethargy. But don’t worry, there are a few artists out there, who are infusing the COVID gripped world with nerve tingling energy, and they’re doing it for free. And many people have been hooked, for more reasons than one. “I have come down to 82 kilograms from 90 just by dancing to EDM during this lockdown” says Siddharth, 26, State Head of OfBusiness. “Until I discovered this, lockdown was completely depressing, but now, I feel like I have so much energy!” says Preethi, 21.

Dancing away the Monday blues!

With social-distancing being the new norm, live concerts seemed to be absolutely out of the question. But it seems like nobody told these boys and girls, who want to bring the party to your room. World renowned Electronic Dance Music artists like Tinlicker, Boris Brejcha, Dillon Francis, Ana Lilia and several other artists have recently started launching these anti – depression missiles on several live streaming platforms, free of cost, to get you grooving again.

Now, when most recreational activities are practically illegal, it is vital to keep our minds healthy, and what better way to do so than through music? Now, hardcore EDM fans will need no introduction to the psychology behind this type of music, but not everyone is into this particular genre. A lot of us prefer slow, melodious, classical music.

However, there is something about this type of music that brings people together in a way no other genre can. The EDM community has its own culture based around Peace, Love, and Unity, and the reason EDM lovers are so passionate about their brand of music is because of what they call the “vibe” associated with it.

The science behind The Vibes

In scientific terms, what happens when you listen to EDM is that your heart rate increases according to the BPM, and endorphins are released from your brain, “feel good” chemicals that do just that: make you feel good. It’s called Electronic Dance Music for a reason. Dopamine and serotonin are also released from your brain in large quantities, causing inhibitions to be shed, infusing your body with a burst of pulsating energy, which makes you want to dance your heart out. It is scientifically proven that sitting still (which is what most of us are doing right now) is physically and psychologically harmful to the body. It puts you at risk of chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, and psychological problems such as depression. So these “Social Distancing Concerts” are just what the doctor ordered for you!

Get Grooving!

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