we all have experienced sickness sometimes it is temporary health issue , sometimes it takes long time to get over it, if you are going through a long term problem, then it is a matter of concern ,if your suffering is long and not getting relief, sometimes it is a petty issue but taking too much time to heal and getting better, if you are in recovery mode still wellness is a challenge, to cover distance  between sickness to wellness is not an easy thing.

I have read book called ‘AKAIGAI’ ,the international best seller book, it has secret of long and happy life of the Japanese, the book emphasized on mainly that one should have a purpose of life  and stay active until the very end ,I can say active mind and youthful body. 

the more interesting things I came to know is the difference among fragile, resilience and antifragility, fragile  things or people get weakened when they are harmed, resilience for things  and people that are able to withstand harm without weakening , antifragility is beyond resilience the resilient resists shocks and stays the same but the antifragile gets  better after  being harmed .

I like the term antifragility we can apply this term antifragility in our lives when we go through  something tough, miserable, something that is attacking us, we need to be antifragile . 

sometimes we get stuck in such  situation that is neither very serious nor very small but it keeps bothering us to live peaceful and healthy life.

to get rid of health problem which is going on for a long period you have to approach in a very positive way, your mental health plays a major role if you are physically not well,

don’t expect quick fix have patience .

look at people who are in more pain then you have.

get engaged yourself in some activities if your body allows , spend some time with pets, nature or anything which makes you forget everything, this is my personal experience that when you go close to nature or connect with nature you become more positive.

describe your problems to doctor clearly , talk to family, and close friends, remember one thing, that your doctor, your patience, and your mentality towards your health problems, can change  your healing story and getting cured.

Everything takes time to heal whether it is physical or emotional problem, sometimes you are on recovery mode still mind feels you are not well. 

if you are struggling with health issue for a long time ,it makes you frustrated so don’t lose hope and remember the term antifragility. 

Everything takes time to heal whether it is physical or emotional problem, this is my personal experience what I felt and experienced during my sickness and when I was struggling with my health.  

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