We are often taught that invaders like mughals and britishers made us rich, we were uncivilized before britishers came here. But is what was real India before advent of britishers and mughlas. Let us have a glimpse of ancient India.


  • India has always been a rich country in term of science and technology. Our ancestors knew about cycle of Jupiter, which can be verified by kumbh mela gathering which is organized in respect of cycle of Jupiter.
  • Our ancestors had a curiosity about stars and other celestial bodies. That can be verified be reading jyotish vedang.
  • Arya bhatt in his book calculated the distance between earth and sun exactly what we knows today.
  • We are talking about this advancement with people who jailed Galilio just because he proved that earth was round and revoloving around sun.

This are just some facts are scientific knowledge is too broad.


  • The contribution of vijyanagar empire in world gdp was roughly 35%. Even USA is contributing 25% during its peak in economy.
  • Our exports were too large that Egypt banned import from India due to bankruptcy due to trade deficit.
  • Indians used to sell their goods by gold.


  • Sam Ved is considered  to be origin of music.
  • Natya Shashtra written by Bharat Muni is probably first book on drama.
  • Indian Carnatic music is most soothing music ever existed.


  • When westerns were roaming in forests we were running world`s first university Taxila Universtity.
  • Nalanda university which was centre of philosophy teaching was burnt by Bhaktiyar Khilji.

The  library of university continuously burnt for 3 months.

Here were a very few aspects. Stay tuned for more.

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