Sometimes our mind is full of negative thoughts. The darkness or the evil energy overpower our conscience completely. The pessimism clouded our soul entirely. There is no way out when such a situation occurs in life. But a small spark, a small hope of light, a small beam of light can do a miracle at such times. In such instances, when there is no hope, no way out, the ray of hope can be a small beam of light. The concept lies in darkness and light. The symbolism signifies how a small beam of light can harness the darkness that varies from far and vast. Imagine yourself entering a room full of darkness where you see nothing except the dark – the negativity of life, which hinders your motivation and makes you a chronic pessimist. The vast darkness of your life where you cannot see any way out of your follies and miseries. The deep darkness of your wits and your karma. The darkness is full of the dark black color where you cannot even sense yourself.

But the small matchstick in your hand lit the room for a while and the darkness goes for the time being. Even a 2.5-inch small screen of your keypad mobile can harness the darkness of a room full of dark evil energies. Imagine the power of positivity. And what if the brightness increases or the time duration increases for a while. Imagine you turned on the flashlight of the camera that comes inbuilt in the phone. Where will the darkness go to? It has gone. Now the positivity is there in the room. Search for the electricity switch and turn on the light that glows to clear all the darkness of the room. And here it is the end of the evil. The room is now full of positivity. There is nothing concealed now. Everything is visible now. Clear and white, colorful and original as it used to be. The room has become alive. A small beam of light that emerges from the match stick or the mobile has done the magic that has brought about the change in your life which was full of darkness sometimes ago. The darkness that was hindering your heart, brain, mind, and soul. Now you can see all the objects kept in the room. You can use whatever you want to. You can do whatever you want to do in the room now. The study, dance, reading, singing, playing, etc.

The room is full of light. But you have not yet opened the door and windows. The window on the roadside is still closed. There is utter darkness on the road. The people going in the street are not able to see the dugout road, the big stones kept on the road and the cover of the gutter which was kept open for cleaning, the debris of the foul-smelling waste of drain that was left unattended for days by sewage workers. Pebbles were there which were making the road slippery. The darkness on the road was making it difficult for the passer-by to look out for these things. The road was full of difficulties as we face in our lives day-to-day. The people were troubled by these obstacles. But they have to go somewhere, to their work, to their home, to shopping, to their destination. Life is the name of going on. Nobody cares for the road when it comes to reaching the destination without wasting time.

And then the magic began. The roadside window opened. The positivity of light beamed on the road, on the pebbles which were spread over to road-making people slip. The light was focused over the open cover of the gutter. The foul-smelling remains of the drain were visible now. The big stone and the dugout road were now noticeable and evident. A small window has done the miracle. The beam of light was a positive symbol for the passer-by, the passengers, and travellers. They were not confused now with the darkness. They were taking the prover route now which keeping their foot inside the foul-smelling remains of the drain or the dugout road. The road was visible.

The window belongs to you. You have lit a small match stick, you found the electric switch, and you lit the light bulb in the room, now it’s the window of your mind that has opened to show the right path to others. The darkness of your mind fades away with a small beam of light. When you were enlightened, you were able to see all the belongings of your room. But when you opened the window of your mind to show others what you possess, what you have got, it helps others too in a similar way. Now they are also able to see the right path of their destination with your help, your assistance. The light in the room does not decreases when you open the window. Rather it helps in spreading the light all around. The fresh air will enter the room to give you a toss, making you more energetic. The light which falls on the road does not affect the quality of the light inside the room, rather it is helping others.

Now they are not at all in problem. Their journey is not compromised by any obstacle. Hence they will pay obligation to you in a way that has never happened before. They may come to your door, your house to pay homage. They will tell others about your good deeds. You will feel happy and your family will feel proud of you for being a path giver. The positivity of light has proved the fate of all that comes under it. The darkness ended and the light wins.

Our mind is in the same orientation. Open up your mind with the right light at right time. Fill yourself with positive energy shedding away all the negativity of life. Fill yourself with light that no darkness remains in your body and soul. When you are enlightened with positivity, spread it all around you. It will not decrease any positivity inside you rather it will give you a self-satisfaction that you are helping others too by making them optimist, by showing them the right path, by helping them to reach their destination in time without any obstacle in their dear journey of life. Spread positivity, it will help you know yourself and gives you fame. A small beam of light has to lead you the self-realization. 

Dr. R.K. Panchal

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