Bhojpuri films are known for being disgusting from multiple angles. Yogi ji has taken a great step in discouraging vulgarity which as become mainstream in Bhojpuri cinema. This is a much welcomed change and we hope that the gutters of Bollywood will be cleaned up next.

Bhojpuri is a language which is spoken by many in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Yogi ji’s actions will be a service to the populations of both the states. This is a wonderful step in curbing the trash content seen by both adults and children which obviously has impact on the larger society as well.

Say NO to indecency

Yogi Adityanath’s government has no issues in boosting tourism and supporting arts and culture through taxpayer monies. However, the decision to discourage the visible adult content, indecency, vulgarity and obscenity in Bhojpuri cinema and related songs is a great step forward in deciding what public money can and cannot go towards. 

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Bhojpuri language and culture are important in the beautiful cow belt and the Gangetic plains and there is no need for obscene content to be at the forefront of promoting or describing the residents of the area.

We can only hope that this phenomena will be somehow implemented in Bollywood, though as long as the clown penguins rule Maharashtra, it might take a while for the dream to become a reality.

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