My name is Farhad Darya, an Afghan singer, activist, and former Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. I write this letter to you on behalf of millions of oppressed citizens, from one of the safest corners of the world about the most insecure country in the world – a tired and war-torn, yet steadfast, committed Afghanistan.

Exactly twenty years ago in the beautiful city where you are discussing Afghanistan, one of the worst terrorist attacks against humanity took place. That attack was designed and orchestrated regionally from Afghanistan. Today can be a historic day for the future of my country and also for the security of the region and the world. Unfortunately, twenty years after that atrocity, Afghanistan and the world are once again under the great threat of international terrorism. The situation in Afghanistan is very fragile. In the absence of international aid, Afghanistan is now alone in the great war on global terrorism on behalf of humanity and the world. The killing of the al-Qaeda operative in the Indian subcontinent and other senior al-Qaeda members in operations by Afghan security forces over the past few months, and the presence of thousands of foreign nationals in terrorist groups in the enemy’s ranks, are good examples of my claim of global terrorism.

The world knows this is not the war of Afghanistan. But the world needs to know that Afghanistan should not be left alone in this war so it can become a safe haven for terrorists again. Do not let history repeat itself. This threat not only affects Afghanistan and the surrounding region, but also the psychological security of the entire world. Today, Afghanistan and the world are waiting for your important decisions.

It is worth mentioning that the people of Afghanistan are grateful for your meeting today, and for the efforts of the international community, the United States, European countries, China, Russia, India, and other international friends.

Over a year ago, with the help of the international community, we started a new phase of democracy and development in a country that had been a safe haven for global terrorists for years in isolation and away from global attention. Following the Bonn Summit, we were able to achieve great values such as women’s rights, freedom of expression, and individual freedoms; values that are non-negotiable. But unfortunately, history is repeating itself today. Women are forced to be married off in areas controlled by the opposition and are not allowed to study or leave home. Poets, historians, and satirists are killed extrajudicially. People are threatened with revenge and murder for saying “Allahu Akbar.” According to the findings of reputable international organizations, crimes against humanity and war crimes are committed in Afghanistan. The honorable and hardworking people of Hazara are massacred because of their ethnicity. Prisoners of war are beheaded, which the world is all well aware of.

This image reveals only a small part of current atrocities in Afghanistan. The body of a father who takes a few loaves of bread for his hungry children’s dinner completely disappeared from the blast. What answer should we give to his children?

We expect the participants in today’s important meeting to make critical decisions concerning the depths of a human crisis; decisions that will lead us to the end of this eroding war. We look forward to important decisions and serious attention from you and the entire world. You know for a fact that Afghanistan is facing blatant aggression by international terrorism, which is supported by several countries. There is no need to mention the names of the countries that support these terrorist groups. Addresses are obvious to the world, and “Hibatabad” can be the most accurate address. Today, we call on all diplomatic channels to put pressure on the root causes of this war and the countries that support terrorist networks, and to impose the necessary sanctions so that they stop supporting or use terrorism as a foreign policy.

Thank you for your tremendous efforts. The people of Afghanistan are grateful to the world for their humanitarian assistance in rebuilding their country. I say to you, the elites of the world’s political community: do not forget that millions of suffering and oppressed people are watching your decision today.

Farhad Darya, petition at: | Image: CSM

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