There was a time when Punjab had almost slipped from our hands. Khalistani leadership with Rocket Launchers, Light Machine Guns, and other automatic weapons had taken up well fortified almost impregnable defensive positions on different floors of the building having three stories. Hundreds of terrorists had taken up defences in other buildings. These defences had been sited by Maj Gen Shabeg Singh who had been Court Martialed & dismissed from the Army, a few years ago.


During 1970’s & 80’s , minority community ( Hindus) were selectively targeted across the villages & cities of Punjab. Thousands were killed in cold blood, both in rural & urban areas, during two decades of insurgency. Homes, trains, buses, public places, everywhere the minority were targeted. The State govt remained a mute spectator. Part of the police force connived with the terrorists who grew bolder day by day. No elder or religious preacher ever appealed for killings to stop.. Not even a single person of the majority community was killed as revenge during decades of insurgency. The terrorists would carry out killings and then return to the safe refuge of the Golden Temple, which police never dared to enter. Head of the terror org used to hold ” Court” where he would pass death sentence/ fine on other residents of the State.

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