A monument of pedophilic sex slavery.

Based on history and books written by Mugals. I will write the name of those books even, you can search about them on google, and if you find my words wrong, then comment and tell me, I will delete my post

In the last few days, there have been lots of lamentations about how “Babri Masjid” was destroyed by “Hindu extremists”.

And why it should not have broken, I had been considered that the Hindus of have done wrong, if that issue would have been that :

  • If Shri Ram was born there or the the prophet left for paradise from there.
  • If it would have been the holy place of Hindus or the first mosque of Muslims.
  • If or anything else that would have been very important in the history of Muslims and if Hindus had claimed their rights over it

But none of this was the matter.

So what was the problem,

“The problem was whether Lord Shri Ram was born there or not, and if he was born there then should we build a temple there or not.”

  • ASI report 2003- The items found during the excavation are clear that Babri was built on top of a temple.
  • According to the discovery of Lord Edward under British rule, the front found under the mosque meets the Ramayana period.

But now I have no interest in telling those proofs again to everyone..?

A Hindu society, which has been giving evidence to everyone for five hundred years that there was a Ram temple on it, and when it was proved then you say that we are constructing this temple in an illegal way.?

Stay still brother..

  • But in this post, I will be talking about the background of Babri Masjid.

That if it was a mosque only there, then how was it and why was it.

The word Babra/Babar means "insane/mad". The Babri mosque was built for whom and why did it get such a name? This post answers the question.

Babur first got married to his cousin Ayesha Sultana Begum. However, Babur was never interested in her. He initially used to see her once every 15-20 days. And he soon stopped it altogether.

Believe it or not, but the Arabs and peoples around Arab have a very poor vaginal condition, and their abstractedness is also very strange.The effect of which is still seen in many places.

Madhya Pradesh: Samar Khan caught on camera raping a cow, FIR registered after video goes viral.

Salman from jaisalmer caught raping a cow.
Six 75 year old muslims gang raped a 8 year old hindu girl, just because she was hindu, and to please Allah..!!
Kitten died after being raped by teenager and his friends in Pakistan. Pakistan animal cruelty: 15-year-old boy, his friends gangrape kitten to death in Lahore..https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/in-focus/article/pakistan-animal-cruelty-15-year-old-boy-his-friends-gangrape-kitten-to-death-in-lahore/628408

Even in today’s afganistan, iraq, syria , etc ‘BacchaBaazi‘ is frequently used. Baccha Baazi is the game in these islamic countries, where teenagers boys are being sold as a sex slaver.

Baccha Baazi in afganistan. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-53396586

The lust of some Muslims is so strange that they do not hesitate to rape their mother or even their daughters.

The violence against women is endemic in Afghanistan and victims of sexual abuse are often themselves jailed for “moral crimes”.

According to her statement to afganistan police,..

She was pregnant as a result of the abuse and held her four-year-old on her lap.

“This is my daughter and my father’s daughter,” she said. “She is the result of my father raping me. We are both mother and daughter and sisters at the same time.”

The victim suffered a decade of abuse in her own home

As sunlight streamed through the drawn curtains of the impoverished home she shares with her mother, she told me the story she had presented in court for the first time last summer.

According to the victim, the abuse began when her father returned from Iran after eight years abroad. She was 12 years old.

“I was expecting that my father will love me the way my uncles love their children because I was thirsty for a dad’s love during all the years I was deprived of him,” she says. “But when I found myself in my father’s arms it was too much.”

She recalls how he touched her intimately, making her feel uncomfortable.

“I went to my grandmother and complained but she blamed me. I was told that every father caresses his children.”

Then one night her father raped her: “I was scared badly, I was shocked and lay in the corner of the room and didn’t know what to do”, She completed her words. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-33023247

What is a daughter when people don’t hesitate to rape their mother, Or I might have said the opposite, I don’t know . https://tolonews.com/afghanistan/mother-raped-after-son-runs-away-girl

Apart from all this, there ghetto is seen more openly when a non-Muslim girl accidentally fell in love with him.They can never be in love with a non-Muslim, but they can take advantage of them and fulfill their lust, and kill them in the end.

In the starting the girl is so mad in their so called love that she consider her well wisher also as an enemy.

This is when a hindu boy and a muslim girl married by their wishes, both are killed https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/meerut/Muslim-woman-weds-Hindu-man-both-killed/articleshow/45321279.cms

There are still so many hindu girls who thinks modernly and marry a muslim women and get tortured after small things and commonly killed.

This is the hindu women who married a muslim man, and was forced to eat cow meat, when she she denied , she is killed. https://www.opindia.com/2020/02/shumla-hindu-woman-muslim-man-married-forced-convert-islam-marry/

So when this is the condition of today’s Muslims, then you cannot imagine what the vaginal condition of the earlier hardcore Muslims would be.

Babur was one of them..

As i have said, Babur first got married to his cousin Ayesha Sultana Begum. However, Babur was never interested in her. He initially used to see her once every 15-20 days. And he soon stopped it altogether.

Babar was rather interested in someone else.

He noticed a 13 year old slave boy on sale in a Mughal camp market. Babur was infatuated with sexual desire. He was “maddened and afflicted” with desire for this boy as he himself writes in Baburnama.

Babur began composing couplets in Persian and Turkic for this boy.

One of the couplets reads:-

"Out of myself desire rushed me, unknowing. That this is so with the lover of a fairy-face"

Babur later owned this slave boy. He was named Babri. Babur wrote that his name was ‘very apt’ since Babur was maddened/infatuated by the love of this boy.

We know nothing further about Babur and Babri from Baburnama. Our other source of information is a work named Gandunama written by Jafar Zatalli. In his work, Jafar Zatalli tells us that the slave boy Babri had died and this extremely saddened Babur who blamed himself for Babri’s death. We are never told reason for Babri’s death, but the physical slavery to satisfy sexual desires of the Mughal emperor must have taken a toll on the poor kid’s body. The Babri Masjid was named after him.

Very tellingly, Jafar Zatalli using his usual poetic similes compares the domes of that structure with a physical organ of Babri.

I shall let the readers guess what he is talking about. Readers interested in further information can themselves look up Gandunama Sources:

  • Baburnama (written by Babur), information comes from the period between August 1499 and July 1500.
  • Gandunama by Zafar Zatalli

You can again see, how was the structure of Babri Maszid.?

  • For which they were not allowing our Lord Shri Ram’s temple to be built.??
How it can be tolerated. We, and karsevaks had removed just a big 'sin' from this Earth. And we will always proud of that.
The sin is finally removed from Indian and Earth.

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