As per Modiji “dynastic politics in India is eating the nation like termite”.

The below 2 changes in our Constitution will destroy dynastic politics in India in total.

Changes in Tenth schedule:

The Xth schedule (also called anti-defection law) was added in the 52nd Amendment, 1985.

Para 3 of the schedule states that a legislator who votes in violation of the order of the Leader of the legislative party (the group of MLAs/MPs/MLCs) or joins another political party will cease to remain a member of the house.

Para 4 states only if two-thirds of party defect and join another party then only that defection will be valid.

Thought its stated goal was to prevent defection, it has promoted dynastic politics. How?

What the dynasts do is: they appoint themselves as the leader of the legislature party (or their staunch loyalists) and keep the whip to themselves. So irrespective of the fact whether their co-MLAs or co-MPs like them or not, they are able to rule with an iron hand and loot and maintain their financial muscle.

How can this trend be stopped?  Introduce a 1 line paragraph in Xth Schedule that the leader of the legislature party shall be elected by secret ballot. To take care of the scenario where the dynasts may force only themselves to contest, add a clause that in case a single leader contests then the winner must poll at least 50% of the votes of the co-MLAs or co-MPs.

And if a non-dynast is elected as leader of the legislature party, then (s)he will become the CM or PM and keep the whip to herself or himself. And hence, all political dynasties will crumble.

Remember, though Patel was elected to be the PM, Mahatma Gandhi imposed Nehru and made him the PM. Same happens today. The PM/CM/Leader of the legislature party should be chosen from below, not imposed from above.  

There should be limit on terms for top Constitutional posts:

The terms/tenure of important constitutional positions like Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister and Governor should be limited. Power corrupts. Indiraji became powerful because she stayed in power for long time. No person should be allowed to hold to office of PM or CM or President or Governor for a combined period not more than 15 years. If such change is made in our constitution, this will force the political parties groom second rung leadership and would ultimately destroy dynastic politics.

The dynastic parties have made Indian democracy a farce. To make India a true democracy, it is important for the political families should vanish and that should start from the Maino+Vadra clan.

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