Historians are the conscience keeper for any civilization. These historians have played a great role in shaping the narrative for posterity. But Irony, it has power to idolize a villain and demonize a hero even.

The cartel of world`s left historians even made tyrants like Joseph Stalin, Mao-tse-tung and Polpot the three blood sucking demons who killed more citizens of their nation then Hitler and Mussolini put together, as custodians of public rights with human face. A generation of young gullible minds world over are the victims of these fake historians who conspired to cartelize and radicalize universities, publishing houses, NGO and armchair activists for sinister design.

India could not remain unaffected post-independence from such fake historians, who had an agenda to write not history to write. Umpteen nationalist characters were maligned and fake story tellers were drafted to ornate villains. And even worse than worst could have been the story of Tipu Sultan.

A persecutor of Christian and Hindu, plunderer of Church and Temple and a like primitive fanatics who used circumcision, rape, torture and death as instrument of religious conversion was an agent of France, Afghanistan and Turkey in India. He conspired to create an extension of French empire by inviting and fighting alongside to establish a French colony. His nearest colonial cousin could be a traitor Mir Jafar of Bengal who invited British and deceived India.

Had Tipu been successful in his ambition, he certainly would have brought India under French rule in place of British. The role of two traitors Mir Jafar and Tipu Sultan were all alike. One floored for British and another was footman for France/Afghanistan.

Indian fake historians very decisively and discreetly removed the historical facts and conspiracy of Tipu Sultan against the Land of India and Indian interest. It is documents and correspondence preserved and available in other nations that only can reveal the extent of Tipu`s plan to get India enslaved to foreign powers.

There is no secret how Tipu sent his emissary to the court of French King Louis XVI (1788) begging for his mercenary to move and attack India. He appeased him by offering his loyal service and employing his war hero as his military advisors. His frenetic effort to persuade Napoleon to invade India after Egypt (1798) is well documented in the world historical archives. In between, not finding a timely response from France, Tipu conspired with Zaman Shah Durrani the Afghanistan King and Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid (1787) in Turkey to create an Islamic force against Maratha.

Tipu Sultan remains notorious for its religious and sectarian persecution against Syrian Christian, Coorg and Travancore Hindu in Kerala Specially. But few historians like Irfan Habib, Mohibul Hassan overlooked the Tipu alliance with foreign power and his dishonest treatment of contemporary India.

It is such an unpleasant record for our generation, where the victory of Mir Jafar brought British and the loss of Tipu Sultan dispelled France from India. So similar and so demoniac.  

The serene and peaceful south India had a history of Valor and resilience of Great Harihar and Bukka who stood tall for its Vijay Nagar Empire. The great nation Builder Rajendra Chola who spread his authority and control far up to Indonesia.

On this pious land a faceless traitor was recreated with a nationalist outlook in the fake historian books. It is before that masses misappropriate this Mir Jafar of South India, record should be set straight.  

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