If you are a secular Hindu and of the opinion that Islam is not a problem, only radical Islam is, then do know that there is nothing called radical Islam. Read this article before proceeding.

Islam itself is radical.

now the upcoming danger in figures

Number of Muslim MPs in 2014 : 23
Number of Muslim MPs in 2019 : 27

Out of 27 MPs, invariably every single of them comes from constituencies where the Muslim population exceeds 40%.

12 out of these 27 MPs come from West Bengal (5) and Uttar Pradesh (7). Guess what – these are the 12 constituencies where their population is about or more than 40%.

Similarly in Bihar, Kishanganj has sent the non-BJP Muslim MP and it has a Muslim population > 65%. Kishanganj is almost a mini-Pakistan pocket inside Bihar.

Other Muslim MPs come from Hyderabad (1), Kashmir (3) and Aurangabad (1).
If you look at the demographics of this area, again Muslims comprise of minimum 40% of the population.

Do not ignore gazwa-e-hind!!

Moreover as per the Islamic hadees, there’s a belief that the entire Bharat should become Islamic otherwise Islamists cannot enter Jannat! Hence there’s an ongoing 24/7 protect called gazwa-e-hind, ie islamisation of entire Bharat. We already witnessed islamisation of various countries like Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh by hook or crook. And within Bharat we had almost lost Kashmir, but thanks to Modi Sarkar. Scraping of article 370/35A put brakes on it. Now see the demography of West Bengal, Kerala where Muslim population exceeds 40%, killings of kafirs (non-muslims) became rampant. Islamists started demanding Sharia laws there as democratic system is haram (illegal) as per Islam. Do read this article on gazwa-e-hind plans.

Islam exploits democracy to destroy democracy

Imagine a day when each of the 543 constituencies have ~ 40% Muslims ?? (They are anyway close to 20% in India now, so it’s just a matter of few decades considering their population growth rate).

BJP or for that matter any Hindu candidate hasn’t won from any seat in India where Muslim population is 50% or more.

So, if you are in illusion or are being politically correct to claim that Muslims have also voted for BJP, Ganga-Jamuni, blah blah…. Welcome to the world of numbers, facts and reality. I give a shit to political correctness.

You can celebrate BJP victory or think of BJP government in power only when the demography is in your favour. If demography reverse (and the trends aren’t healthy), they are soon going to take over. Within a few decades, everything will reverse.

Am I propagating hatred against them ? NO.
All I want is safety, security of Hindus, Hindu values and Hindu customs, on which this land has been built for the last 5,000-10,000 years.

every Hindu *must* read Quran & know what Islam is

Quran – the holy book of Islam contains everything that clearly differentiates human beings just based on belief. A non-believer is a kafir and there are hundreds of hateful/violent verses in Quran for kafirs which are defended by Islamists. These defence are so poor and are beautifully, logically, factually countered and rebutted in this one article itself.

Read this article, bookmark it and share it with your friends, colleagues to enlighten the fact that Islam is the biggest mafia on the planet that has destroyed civilizations in the works; and now it is very close in gulping up Bharat.

This is the article: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspxhttps://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx

There are many articles, YouTube posts by ex-muslims, their experiences with Islam which can be used as reference. The crux of the matter is Islam believes in giving slow death to whichever non-Islamic nation or society it clings on to.

Curb voting rights

All I want is that every non-Islamist now must push the government for a 2-child nationwide policy. Voting rights should be revoked for violaters who are Islamists. This is the only way that will not only control population, but also preserve the demography, the Hindu culture and the Hindu values of the land which are ‘live and let live’ to survive against ‘my way or highway’ totalitarian cult wanting to rule the world by deceit or force. Let’s demand our government to impose this in the new bills. They have 303 seats. Let the mandate not go waste.

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