A Nation becomes what its young people read, act, write and do in their youth.

Yukti Rathi

Today Independent existence of India has come under threat. Today, we youth need to be more organized and more alert. Our struggle is for Justice, Truth, Faith, Culture, Pride, and Humanity.

We don’t need to be an adult or an old to be an active member of a nation. You must build a thought process in yourself that opinion of Youth matters and it will be heard without making an extra effort as you are a maker and changer. 

Youth have to express their own opinions, opinions for the betterment of India by carrying a zeal and emotion in their Heart that they are going to change someone, someone who says –I don’t like my country, I don’t love my country, who talks ill will about our country. Each youth must carry himself points of Pride Indian and how we are living in proud nation, they must spread what we have achieved, what we have faced and how we are sparkling like a star. We youth have to decide that we are going to do today something creative and new for the betterment of India, personifies India in his or her way.

My message to you is to Educate, organize, agitate against wrong, build, be self-confident, and optimist about India.

If we want to maintain our Indian system, the Hindu culture, do not hesitate to repair where repair and filter are necessary. We have to ask for nothing more than repairing those hateful narratives about the Indian system in our minds. 

Repair and Filter your Mind with Proud and bravery.

“We Youth have to create patriotism and nationalism with all of our heart, that creation is to be given a soul. You don’t have to wait for the sun to shine, you are Sky, You are limitless….”

Yukti Rathi

Youth today are arguably more engaged in social, civic, environmental, legal, and welfare issues that affect their communities and automatically country than ever before.

With the right direction, youth can become problem solvers who can tackle challenges related to society very well. 

Around the world, countless youth are eager to shape their nation but governance structures and a lack of adequate education and employment can muffle these voices.

The first and foremost solution for the problems faced by country can be solved by adequate Education. 

One Youth, One pen, One line, One article, One speech one book can change the world.

Yukti Rathi

Youth activism and engagement can bring about important social changes in the nation. Youths have to look upon and be aware of relevant issues that affect negatively their nation and can use their bravery and self-confidence to raise voice against it. Youth can use globalization and technology with unlimited possibilities of connection by creating a real friendship with nations who will help Indian youths in growing together positively for our Indian Nation.

We don’t need to change everyone. All we need to do is change ourselves. We are living in a nation with diversity and so huge social challenges, youth need to make a choice, they have to make a decision, based on logic and conscience so that they can represent our nation on a global platform, Youth have to become a most responsible citizen of a nation. Youth have to educate others. Encourage each other, explore their rich culture of India, and spread this with the world through social media or events where they work and live.

We youth have to learn about the real history and have to remove the negative impact of the wrong history in our and those minds who are spreading negative incorrect facts about our India.

Youth can demonstrate March in the streets and connect people who feel passionate about the same issues. They can create posters, prepare songs or chants, and practice symbolism that conveys their thoughts and feelings.

Youth can create a public awareness campaign that includes Social Media, They can survey the leading and Important issues and can talk about what they want from the nation by sharing the results. They can engage in part community service, can teach students, they can do whatever they want, the youth already has much courage they just need to glow it before the world.

My message to all my friends is “Youth should be motivated, encouraged, Brave. We have to travel with knowledge and truth toward the nation then only we can save and serve India

Yukti Rathi

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