Dear Tatas,

All your assumptions till now are ridiculously wrong. First, you assumed that your jihadi officials would run a love jihad propaganda packed in the Diwali theme, and Hindus won’t get that. This assumption has been proven damn erroneous in front of the open world. Secondly, you assumed that you would pull down the advertisement and run a PR campaign to get some paid endorsement from social media platforms, politicians, and influencers for the same ad, and people won’t understand what is going on. 

Now again, you people are mistakenly assuming that issuing a statement will be deemed as an apology by Hindus. But, let me tell you Tatas, Hindus have faced the violence of jihadi riots since independence and won’t let you run one more jihadi propaganda the same as Bollywood. Your statement on pulling down the love jihad advertisement is again a statement of encrypted denigration of Hindus. Instead of an apology, you people are openly trying to vilify Hindus as a violent community.

Therefore, with all the due respect, dear Tatas, showing all your generosity and wealth of morals, issuing an apology will work better instead of again allowing your jihadi marketing and PR officials disparage Hindus. I suggest that this is an era of 4G communication. The Hindu community has better tech-savvy people than Jihadists. We will get all your encrypted and disguised jihadi narratives within seconds. Hence, a written apology and rectification of Jihadists from all the important posts will work exceptionally well for the Tatas and the trust built after the decades of hard work. 

With Regards 

Yours Well Wisher 

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