This statement by Tanishq Jewelry on Twitter is no “apology”!! 


It is nothing but a statement that translates to:  It’s “sad” you don’t like our message so, TOO BAD, deal with it!  As I’ve said before, it is nothing but to cover fallout from upcoming Dhan Teras, on November 13, 2020 where Hindus will go out and spending their hard-earned rupees on gold. 

What the statement actually IS, is an attempt at gaslighting and projecting violence.  Tanishq Jewelry must be put on the spot light for attempting to incite violence. 

If this business claims to be so “sad,” then address the issue head on and issue an official apology to the major population of Bharat, THE HINDUS!!!  Stop with the crocodile tears, Tanishq Jewelry!

Here’s a challenge, where is the opposite ad where a Muslim girl is married into a Hindu family?  Of course there isn’t because the husband would be beheaded and the Hindu family would be set on fire. 

Buy Hindu and Support Local jewelers this upcoming Dhan Teras!!!

Jai Shree Ram! Har Har Mahadev!


Tanishq Jewelry tweet

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