The problem with any of the inter-state, inter-country terrorist operation is the collateral damage involved.

It is easy to sit on AC rooms and ask people to fire at will to do away with the problem, than to understand what goes on behind the scenes.

At the SUKMA site where it happened, it was not the case of only the Naxals / Maoists attacking the CRPF personnel, but the ground support they received from the localites, villages are the major problem.

The villagers serve as intelligence inputs to the Naxals, who then make use of the information to plan coordinated attacks on the CRPF Jawans.

Apart from these are women, children, teenagers who are in the ranks of Naxals. The worst is these people are the darling of the Indian media and intelligentsia who claim they have been victimized and brainwashed. This makes attacking them even more difficult.

I, as an Indian citizen, completely condemn the attack and call it an act of cowardice.

If you don’t like the current ruling government, go ahead contest the elections, win and prove your mettle. But by using kids, women as shields and attacking Indian CRPF personnel shows you are a goat under a lion’s skin.

So, how to go about the solution to the above problem.

  • The first and foremost strategy is to announce no negotiation with terrorists, be it Naxal, maoists, or separatists.
  • Next is to vacate and displace common citizen in the near by forest areas to city by providing them employment and housing. This would effectively break make the intelligent/communication network of these separatists.
  • To intensify combing operation in all Naxal affected areas
  • To go on a full blown war once we have established there would be no civilian casualties involved or would be minimized

Finally it is time to remember that

“It is upto God to pardon terrorist, but it the army’s duty to fix their appointment”


A salute to all those, who have laid down their lives in protecting our motherland.

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