Officially the 21st century was begun in 2000 but Covid19 or 2020 is the actual beginning of the transformation to the World of technology because today everyone knows the importance & the power of technology and as we know anything which is important & has power is a Weapon, which can be used either for the welfare of the society or to destroy it. The Future is changing, hence everyone must take a responsibility of being a भारतीय (Bharatiya). A Bharatiya always respect the national heritage whether it is a name, person, place, culture, values or a song and fight against jehad.

Swami Vivekananda in the 19th century foresighted that the 21st century will of Bharat and today do we have a chance ? YES!! infact I don’t consider it as a chance for me it’s responsibility because our freedom fighters sacrificed they their lives for Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat. August 05, 2020, is the symbol of the victory of justice for which Bharatiya fought 493 years. Life is uncertain and death is the only Truth, we should not waste our life of a human being because the only thing which makes us different from animals is the society we live in, and we must contribute to make it better everyday not only for us but for the future generations of humans and animals too.

Internet is the most powerful weapon in the World of technology and you must agree that it is a two-sided weapon which can be dangerous for the user, if not used wisely. A wise man said “Technology is a good slave but a bad master.” My relation with internet is almost from the birth of the internet and after decades I analysed that the problem is balance between the culture & technology and as we all know that anything when looses balance gets destroyed. Balance is the only key to travel safely whether it’s in the air, water, road or time.

It is my first post on Kreately and I request you to please share your opinion because perfection is journey and feedback is a key to improve.


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