In the Atharvana Veda, it is said: “The cow is the mother of Rudras; she is a daughter of the Vasus; she is the sister of Surya. She is a storehouse of ghee that is like the celestial nectar.” It further states that cow’s milk helps overcome debility and regain lost physical and mental health. It promotes intelligence and improves health. It even goes to the extent that if someone destroys our cows, horses or people, kill him with a bullet of lead.(Atharvana Veda 1.16.4).

As you all know, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation(GHHF) has been working with Sri Saidatta Manasa Swamy on a number of projects. On Friday they got some information that two big Trucks filled with Buffalo meet are passing through Vishakhapatnam. They planned successfully stopped the trucks. Drivers first refused to open the doors by saying it was grains, then said they were prawns, then said just meat.

           Finally, they were forced to open the doors pf these trucks. They were all airconditioned trucks filled with frozen boxes. Our people finally opened some of the boxes.Each truck is carrying 36 tons of Buffalo meat.

           They reported to the Police Department in Pendurthi. They confiscated the tow trucks and sent the meat to the veterinary doctor to identify the source of the meat.

           It also came in the newspapers and also in the TV stations. We want to congratulate our team who fearlessly stopped the Trucks and able to identify the transportation of Buffalo meat across the state line. These trucks were supposed to go to Chennai.

News is published in newspapers and on V5 TV also.

There is a possibility it is part of big mafia doing the transportation with some backing. The story is still developing.

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