Most news agencies have reported this and we’ve seen images flashed all over social media about the thousands of technology and weapons arsenals which are now in Taliban-ISIS hands in Afghanistan.

It took a handful of days for the Taliban-ISIS to seize the country as well as the equipment and weaponry which was left behind by various allies, especially the U.S.

Videoclips and images show advanced weapons being utilized by crazy Taliban as they free up their SISI bretheren from jail; images of terrorists riding on U.S. vehicles, carrying American firearms and weapons.

“Everything that hasn’t been destroyed is the Taliban’s now,” one U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told news reporters at Reuters.

The equipment left behind is sophisticated and will find its way to Taliban-ISIS parent organization – Pakistan. One official stated that while there are no definitive numbers, the current intelligence assessment was that the Taliban are believed to control more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones.

The crazy terrorists Taliban-ISIS have already begun to kill and mutilate citizens in Afghanistan for various reasons – may it be activism, listening to music, not keeping the head covered or being different, including gay.

The Pakistani birthed terrorists – Taliban-ISIS have recently made a statement about Kashmir and Pakistan will be sure to use its covert offspring Taliban-ISIS to wreak havoc on India under the guise of its ISIS arm while the Taliban will pretend to take a softer approach though anyone with half a brain understands that these entities are undistinguishable given the common funding and more common ideology.

Is India ready to to go to combat against U.S. weaponry which is now in the hands of Pakistani terrorists?

May Bhagwan save Bharat.

Input from: | Image: Military vehicles transferred by the U.S. to the Afghan National Army in February 2021. Afghanistan Ministry of Defense/via REUTERS

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