The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has chosen to firmly enforce its regulations concerning the acquisition of visas for Pakistanis under the age of 18.

The Wadeema law, Federal Law No. 3 of 2016, protecting children’s rights, and the Gulf nation’s determination to enact strict measures were discussed in an interview with Geo News on Monday, which is when the UAE Consul General in Karachi, Bakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi, disclosed the development.

According to the Wadeema law, many Pakistanis with work visas in the UAE are breaking the law respecting children’s rights, he claimed.

The consul general claims that these rules outline children’s rights to education and that many Pakistanis are denying those rights to their children by forbidding them from attending school.

The regulations governing the rights of children with families residing in the UAE must be strictly implemented, he continued, adding that the government has previously made difficult decisions in this regard during a significant meeting.

The Emirati representative emphasized the value of education for kids. The UAE government has made the decision to punish parents who disobey child protection rules.

Wadeema rule only applies to Pakistanis with valid work or residency visas, he declared.
Al-Remeithi asked Pakistani parents living abroad in the UAE to support their kids’ education and defend their rights, including those pertaining to their health and freedoms.

Also, the consul general revealed to Geo News that there are 16–17 million Pakistanis living in the UAE.

He told the media outlet that people who break the rules risk being expelled from the UAE and warned them about the limitations on applying for fresh visas.

“In the future, Pakistanis who will guarantee the full application of Wadeema law will be granted visas.”

Al-Remeithi stated that there is no such restriction on Pakistani nationals applying for a visit visa in response to the question of whether the law applies to other Pakistanis.

Envoy clarified, “The UAE government will welcome Pakistan coming to the UAE on a tourist visa and there is no restriction on them from visiting the country.”


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