Helpless Judiciary, Spineless Executive, unwilling legislator and compromised section of Media is how the Urban Naxal defines its state adversaries. It might not appeal and convince the four pillars of Indian democracy, yet it is how urban naxal count them.

How has this menace spread so widely and deep? Where is it getting the resources to fight a full blown war with a sovereign armed state? Who are the motivator and field foot soldier?

One word propaganda holds and explains the secret behind this sinister conspiracy. You will read reams of articles with accentuating claims on diabolical stories of state atrocities, rampant humane right violations, tribal exploitations, crony capitalism and what not.  And these claims would come from both suave mellifluous westernized accent holding persons or from absolutely contrast oriental look alike ordinary looking earthy intellectuals. Mostly drawn from academia, media and creative artistic background, there is a pool of talented anti-social forces who have created a network of volunteers operating among huge gullible Students and innocent poverty struck people.

The first stage begins with Slow but regular doses of poisonous sermon to fuel discontent and distrust. The second stage begins with instilling a sense of un-empowerment and anger. And the third stage is to sermonize them to resist and oppose state apparatus. The courageous and impulsive choose path of violence and coward and crooks joins the mainstream as imposters who eat the system from within like a termite. This cycle then continues, grows and expands.

The financial resources are mostly drawn from foreign contribution and local levy. The foreign sources are anti-India forces whose only intention is to destabilize the country and cause schism and unrest in the social society. The local levy is collected through extortion, loot and kidnapping business spread all across India. The transaction happens all in cash and through layers of NGO`s and trust concealing the actual intent of the money trail behind the veil of charitable and social work. Often the religious institutions are the biggest defender of these nefarious designs as they are deep into illegal religious conversion business.

Government is clueless and helpless as they lack the public mandate and brute force to handle them. The Judiciary needs full proof evidence as per the constitutional obligation. Executive cannot put so many insidious characters on surveillance against the established modern principles of humane rights and privacy. Legislature is out of any idea as ordinary citizens of the nation are not bothered for next door issues. Section of Media will conceal the actual sinister design for the advertisement money they get very often from such compromised sources.

The urban naxals are remorseless, pitiless souls. They kill the impoverished poor tribal and downtrodden people whose cause they champion. They steal the money of the same helpless soul whose misfortune they sell in the world market. They are truly new age cannibals.

Not long ago 76 soldiers of the Armed forces were slaughtered in Chhattisgarh by these Naxals and celebration sweets and congratulations were exchanged in the most premier university JNU at New Delhi in India. And do not forget this despicable event was proudly attended by academicians and intellectuals. No shame for sucking the blood of humane also.

The emboldened and organized urban naxal have now joined hand with international power. Their footprint is today within the power corridor of international bodies, humane right organizations, financial donors and missionaries. They have nexus who work in tandem and can adopt any tactics to malign, disempower or assassinate their opponent.

The civilized society has to come forward, organize, fight and eliminate these termites from the system. Awaken society can energize Legislative, empower the executive, embolden morally our judiciary and eliminate the compromised element from the section of media. Remove these termite.

A serene and progressive world is very much possible for our future generation provided we awake and act in time.

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