The US gave us the take-away; there have been many before like the Italians of Pompeii or the Aztecs but they are not around to fight for their credit, volcano Vesuvius hid the former under layers of ash and the conquistadores laid low the latter. So, we have the US and its Macs. Before anyone could say, “But, just a minute,” the Americans had zoomed on their cars and created the drive-thru and the home delivery. Let anyone claim any right over the Pizza but it is now American. Trump says Trump Tower’s tacos are better than the original Mexican and Tandoor is about to defect from our sub-continent to the New World. But the credit was not handed over to the US; they have earned the title “The Take-away Nation” by ingenuity, hard work and indifference, mostly the last. The Average American is indifferent to the happenings in the world and does not care whether it is the northern hemisphere or the southern one that is shaking up the world at present as long as his pizza is circular and burger hemispherical, with the icecream scoop being perfectly spherical. That is his world and the rest of the sphere on which he lives is incidental.

But not the take-away. Americans were the first to take-away marriage. Gay Talese wrote “Thy Neighbour’s wife” and started an avalanche that took away the abominable institution. Talese extinguished the original right of Bertrand Russel who had written “Marriage and Morals” much earlier. Bertrand Russel lost on two counts; firstly he was British and the Americans call them Limeys, those saved by the humble lemon when they were dying in droves of scurvy on the boats that came to America. The British had no right to be original or the first about anything, even if they were. The digital computer might have been invented by Williams and Kilburn at Manchester university but we all know it was America that made it known to the world after IBM had bought their patent for a few thousand bucks. Secondly, Russel was a mathematician and hence ineligible to talk about the subject because for him marriage was addition, procreation was multiplication, divorce was subtraction and the nitty gritty of assets was division when subtraction, the divorce, happened. Thus, it cannot be disputed that the original credit for taking away marriage goes to America and even their faith magazine the Plain Truth carried an article in the 60s – Why marriage: Soon obsolete? True, 60 years later, people still get married in America but the most important part of it is an agreement on which the spouses-to-be agree while they can still agree on something. Before they take the vows, they sign the pre-nuptial agreement about who gets what when the marriage is taken away. That take-away is visible on the horizon as the party starts and the two legal parties to the marriage are formed. The Americans also took away the idea that marriage leads to children and replaced it with the idea that children lead to marriage. When the American spouses have created or procreated the required number of children, they sometimes decide to get married. This pre-marriage multiplication creates the need for marriage so that the two parties’ assets are added before these are divided.

The hoary tradition of take-away continues in this young nation of the New World. The right of a child to be born in one piece without its brain being sucked out and then body dismembered even before it is born is recognised in almost all cultures. Yet, so is the idea that a human being is a person and not property. But the US Supreme Court had, much earlier, ruled otherwise saying that a slave is not a person but property and if the master kills him, that is not murder; it is wanton destruction of property. So the Democrats in America have ruled that the unborn child is a slave of the mother and the prevention of the baby being born alive is expression of her right to destroy her property. The Supreme Court confirmed this common sense position in Roe vs. Wade but the Republicans, who never apply common sense, got it reversed in the apex court. So, as of today, the take-away has been returned and the unborn child has won the right to life against the mother who carries it. Of course, the battle for take-away continues through polls and pills.

Biden is a consummate take-away president. He took away coal mining, gas drilling, fracking, oil pipelines etc. on the advice of Greta Thunberg, because her IQ is more than that of Biden. It appears that she had threatened that if all this is not done, she will come and campaign for Trump, who was so scared of the prospect that he begged Biden to do her bidding. Cows’ right to belch methane is being taken away with provision of muzzles to protect you and me from the climate catastrophe and gas-stoves are sought to be taken away from kitchens for the same reason. Low-IQ Biden is comfortably squeezed between high-IQ Greta and no-IQ Kamala and the rest of the comfort is being constantly provided by his son Hunter and his abandoned laptop. Biden supports abortion and rightly so because when you can get any number of grown-ups from across the Mexican border, why should women suffer the pains of childbirth and bringing up the brats with the state suffering the cost of education and juvenile crime. Biden has put the second Amendment next on the take-away chopping block. Guns kill and personal protection is not important because death is destiny and you can copy and paste the “grown ups are available across the border” argument here too.

Democrats want to take-away the gender of children in Schools without the consent of the parents, so that he is a he at home but a she at school. The problem comes when he, who is a she at school, wants to play in all-girls games and toss the lasses around. Or when he who declares himself to be a she, commits a crime because he, who is now recognised as she, wants to spend time with women in a women’s prison. But American’s right to take-away the gender is more important than women’s right to women only prison. Thus, a he gets into the US Army and says he wants to be a she and the military has to bear the expenses of required surgeries and hormones and maybe, provide for the extra expenses of hair and skin care and cosmetics.

Next take-away is freedom of speech, a dangerous trait that China and Russia have shown people could do without. Only such speakers are allowed at universities in America that truthfully call America a racist nation and demand abolition of police. Next take-away is calling out the racist, slave-holding George Washington, Jefferson and the likes. These Unionists were as bad as the confederates and thus both sides of the civil war have been taken away from the roll of honours and their statues are being toppled without any dicrimination, showing the lack of bias in the take-away movement. Once the entire history of the US is taken away, there will be no Declaration of Independence, the national flag will be as much an object of contempt as the confederate flag and the bill of rights shall be fit for the dustbin. That will be the final take-away in America – the taking away of democracy.

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