The Mahadalits of Majhuwa village in Purnia are still terrorised from the brutal attack suffered by them when a mob of over 300 frenzied Muslim men attacked their colony on the midnight of 19th May.

A four month pregnant lady was also not spared, four-five Muslim men tried to rape her, but when she resisted, they beat her up with chains. Her back still bears deep injury marks of the iron chain and her temple was hit so hard that she is severely injured.

The poor victim lady says that she still gets nightmares of the incident as she relives the horror in her dreams is in a state of fear since 19th night.

A seventy year old chowkidar, named Mewalal was lynched to death by sharp swords by the Muslim mob. Over two dozen houses were burnt to ashes by the jihadis as they descended on the Mahadalit toli in the village with intention to burn their houses, kill them and drive them out of the area. A three year old child is missing since the attack. The brutal jihadist mob did not spare even the old or women or children, all were attacked mercilessly.

An ASHA worker who had earlier helped deliveries of children in the houses of the attacking Islamist jihadis, did not even spare her. She said, “They knew me very well yet, they did not spare me. They even tried to rape me, but when they couldn’t they molested be and beat me”.

The Islamist mob attacked the Mahadalit toli by carrying petrol gallons, iron rods and sharp swords. They surrounded the toli from all sides, pored petrol on the houses and torched the houses. When the poor Mahadalit families tried to escape out from their burning homes, they were dragged by the Islamist mobs and attacked with iron rods and swords. The Islamist mob burnt down the houses of the Mahadalits shouting Allah u Akbar.

As their houses were burnt down, the Mahadalits are homeless and live in open with no protection from the scorching heat as the government has not provided them with any alternative shelters for them. Pertinently, the whole attack was staged to drive out the Mahadalits from the area and let illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslim infiltrators occupy the government land.

Pertinently, Muslims are in majority in the area and the attacks on the Hindu Mahadalits in the area has increased from the time the AIMIM candidate Ruknuddin won from the local assembly constituency of Baisi in Purnia. Hindus are being hounded out from the border areas of Bihar’s Kishanganj, Purnia etc which borders with Nepal and West Bengal.

These areas are Muslim majority and has a large population of illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims, where Land Jihad is rampant, by Muslims occupying vacant government land and driving out Hindus from their homes and hearths by terrorizing and pressurising tactics. Sadly, the mainstream media, social activists, political parties and even the judiciary are completely silent about the ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bihar and Bengal’s Muslim majority areas.

Though the VHP, RSS, National Commission of Women, the national child rights body NCPCR have raised their concerns and outrage over the matter; the BJP protested about it in the social media and held some MK Gandhi style Dharnas, beyond that nothing has changed on the ground. If the government and Hindu Samaj does not take this issue seriously, we are staring at another exodus of Hindus from Muslim majority areas in Bengal-Bihar area like Kashmir.

News input and image source: Organiser


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