Yogender Yadav, rent a cause activist, with political ambitions of becoming a Prime Minister with no ability to even be a fairly elected President of the Housing Society he lives in, well known for his espousal of class war theories and dubious links with the jihadi Islamists and Naxalites is now promoting Khalistani agenda through the fake farmers protests. He is a major face responsible for the Khalistani terror, anarchy and large scale violence in Delhi under the pretext of a “peaceful Tractor Rally”.

He is also charged for conspiracy to unleash a deadly riots in February end last year in Delhi, during the Indian visit of ex-President Donald Trump, under the garb of anti-CAA protests. Yogender Yadav, his leftist-jihadi friends are masters of starting fake protests, with money flowing in freely from anti-India, anti-Hindu networks operating operating globally.

Rakesh Tikait is another self-styled farmers leader who had lost all traction among farmers because of his violent and anarchic ways to promote his political ambitions rather really serve the cause or voice the issues of farmers.

In this article we will trace their history and moorings by studying the legacy of their gurus or mentors as given in a Tweet Thread by Prof. Madhu Kishwar, a prominent academician, social activist and founder of Delhi-based NGO Manushi.

Prof. Madhu Kishwar states the following about the legacy of Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav: –




  • Rakesh Tikait is true to the destructive legacy of his father Mahendra Singh Tikait (MS Tikait).
  • MS Tikait was a past master in the art of blackmail. In sharp contrast to most other farm leaders of the time, Tikait did not hesitate to unleash mayhem and he was easily bought over by vested interests.
  • Madhu Kishwar says, she herself personally witnessed many unruly rallies of MS Tikait.
  • Madhu Kishwar states that MS Tikait attacked and nearly killed the tallest farm leader, Sharad Joshi on October 2, 1989 instigated by Yogendra Yadav’s political guru Kishan Patnaik, a petty small-time socialist.
  • Sharad Joshi led the All India Kisan Coordination Committee (AIKCC), organised a massive 4-5 lakh strong kisan rally at India Gate on October 2, 1989.
  • MS Tikait was a member of AIKCC & had agreed to be among the organisers. Yogendra Yadav’s guru Kishan Patnaik incited Tikait to disrupt rally to break up AIKCC.
  • Prone to violence, Tikait brought a couple of hundred lathi wielding goons who climbed on to the stage and started hitting leaders who were to address the rally.
  • Kishan Patnaik hated Joshi because Joshi was anti-left, despised socialism and demanded open market for farmers. So, Patnaik wanted revenge.
  • On his own Yogendra Yadav’s guru could not gather 15 persons to listen to his rants. He was therefore, viciously jealous of Sharad Joshi who was a charismatic leader on whose call lakhs would gather with sincere commitment. So, Patnaik use a loose cannon Tikait to disrupt biggest ever farmer mobilization in Delhi.
  • MS Tikait’s lathi wielding goons climbed on to stage and started hitting Joshi and others. The stage collapsed, Joshi was pushed and fell down from high stage.
  • Joshi suffered a heart attack, was rushed to the hospital and narrowly escaped death.
  • Rakesh Tikait, son of MS Tikait is more venal with Yogendra Yadav as his comrade.
  • After the lethal subversion of farmers movement by Yogendra Yadav’s Guru Patnaik using MS Tikait as his fighting sword, India has never witnessed comparable mobilization of peaceful farmers with dignified and rational demands.
  • Multiple splits in farmers’ movement was exploited by unscrupulous elements like Yogendra Yadav.
  • Sadly, Sharad Joshi’s close colleague Bhupendra Singh Mann of Bhartiya Kisan Union betrayed farmers cause under pressure from the Khalistani lobby. Sharad Joshi got Mann a Rajya Sabha seat. Mann toed the line of Shetkari Sangatan (Sharad Joshi’s outfit) as long as Sharad Joshi was alive. Now, Mann has done a complete U turn of the values and principles set by his mentor, Sharad Joshi.

Prof. Madhu Kishwar’s tweets on MS Tikait and Kishan Patnaik, mentors of Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav respectively are posted below.


So, it is evident how history is repeating itself where genuine Farmer Leaders like Sharad Joshi are silenced by brute physical force and the Fascist leftists take on the mantle and prop goonda elements as Farmer Leaders thereby making a political career for themselves, but leaving the poor and marginal farmers to suffer in misery. The new Farm Acts which would improve the quality of life of small and marginal farmers, are being militantly opposed by this cabal as when implemented these merchants of death would no longer be able to fish in troubled waters due to agricultural crisis and get easy foot soldiers for the Maoists, Naxals’ Fascist movements.

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