Virat Kohli recently came up with a statement in support of Mohammad Shami without going through or understanding the whole incident. Virat Kohli criticized the ones who trolled Shami after the defeat of Indian Cricket team against Pakistan’s Criket team by saying “To me Attacking someone over religion is the most pathetic thing human being can do. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but I personally have never ever thought of discriminating against someone over their religion. People take out their frustrations because they have no understanding of the fact that Mohammed Shami has won India a number of matches. If people can overlook that and his passion for the country. Honesty I don’t want to waste even one minute of my life for them. Our brotherhood cannot be shaken.”

But the question arises that is Virat Kohli using this “Shaming Shami” thing as a shield to cover his blunders that he himself made. Virat Kohli few days ago tweeted that he will be giving tips to the people on how to celebrate Deepawali. He tweeted “Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a series of my personal tips for celebrating a meaningful Diwali with loved ones and family”. Because of this nonsensical tweet of him, he got thrashed and had to face many critisism from the people. Even Virendra Sehwag criticised him in his own witty way. Many twitter trends followed where the angry and disappointed netizens lashed at Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli in order to cover himself is shamelessly battering India’s reputation around the globe and showing India as a country that unleashes violence and discrimination against Muslims living in India.

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