With public libraries bringing in drag queens to indoctrinate preschoolers in the glories of sexual libertinism, Netflix sexualizing prepubescent girls, and Lego bringing out an LGBTQ set, it isn’t really all that surprising that the aptly named Hazard High School in Hazard, Ky., recently held a “Man Pageant” featuring female students dressed as Hooters waitresses and male students dressed only in male or female underwear giving lap dances to wildly smiling teachers and school officials, including the school’s principal, Donald “Happy” Mobelini. The luckless Happy is, by the way, not only the principal of Hazard, but the mayor of the city of Hazard. The principal and mayor of Hazard: great titles for you, Happy!

KENTUCKY: Investigation underway after barely clothed high school students are photographed giving lap dances to staff and administrators, paddle each other and female students dressed as Hooters waitresses during Hazard High School’s homecoming week festivities. @CBS46

Even in this age of the sexualization of virtually everything, the hazardous behavior at Hazard sparked an uproar. Photos of the event, which had been proudly posted on the school’s Facebook page, were hastily taken down. The school itself announced that it was investigating the event, which is likely to be an empty face-saving exercise in light of the fact that the principal was on it, and from the looks of the photos, obviously delighted by the whole thing.

The Hazard Independent School District is also investigating. Superintendent Sondra Combs insisted that the district “has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do,” but added: “The incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken.” Later, she said that punishments had indeed been meted out for the event, but claimed that she was “not allowed to disclose any further information regarding the specifics of the discipline,” as it involved a “personnel matter.” Whatever disciplinary measures were taken, however, they don’t seem to have included axing Happy, who is still listed as Hazard principal (and mayor) as of this writing.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear called the “Man Pageant” “totally unacceptable, inappropriate, shouldn’t happen.” He continued:

And so, that means that, in the, in the system, and there is a system here to address it, right? There’s principals and there’s a superintendent and then there’s the Kentucky Department of Education, uh, you know, they need to take appropriate action and ensure that this will never happen again. But there’s another thing they need to do. And that’s that they need to be talking to these students. That this isn’t something that is normalized in their mind, uh, that they think it’s okay in, in school. That doesn’t mean that the kids are punished because the adults were letting it go on. But we just wanna make sure that we’re raising our kids right about what is and is not acceptable, especially in the world that we live in.

Governor, we’re not raising our kids right, at least not at Hazard High School. The Louisville Courier Journal reported Thursday:

Newly surfaced videos posted on social media show more Hazard High School skits in which students acted provocatively as teachers laughed and sometimes participated during the past four years….One video, first posted on Instagram in October 2017 then shared again in January 2018, shows one male student — dressed in a bra, shorts and wig — grinding on two other male students who sat in chairs in the middle of the gym, while a fourth student simultaneously throws a wad of what looks like cash into the air….Another video shows a male student in a long white dress and wig dancing to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” in the middle of the school gym. The student repeatedly rolls around on the floor and crawls toward the crowd.

Given that they’ve been attending high school in what looks to be a drag queen recruitment and training center, it’s not surprising that Hazard students are rallying around their beloved Happy. Around 100 Hazard students gathered for a “We Love You Happy” rally on Thursday. Hazard student Gavin Goins, reflecting on the fact that this year’s “Man Pageant” wasn’t the school’s first, said of all the negative publicity the school has been receiving: “I think it’s an attack on tradition.”

Well, yeah, Gavin. If your “tradition” involves the school principal and town mayor getting a lap dance from a high school student dressed in women’s underwear, then yes, this is an attack on your tradition. The fact that so many Hazard students quite obviously cannot conceive of what could possibly be wrong with this is an indication of how thoroughly indoctrinated they are, and how successful the Left has been in eroding American cultural norms and marketing libertinism and perversion as normal, wholesome, and to be encouraged.

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In a healthy society, Happy Mobelini would already have been fired as principal of Hazard High and forced to resign as mayor. In an even healthier society, he wouldn’t be able to get another job that involved contact with minors. Instead, at Hazard High, he’s a hero. Americans in the 1960s might have wondered what would happen if we turned over our pop culture, educational system, and entertainment industry to the Left. Now we know.

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