As you know ‘Murti Puja’ has been on target by several religious scholars, and in general. This trend is still going on, and logic is tried to connect with science or technology. They always pass on the logic that a statue of stone, paper, cooper, how it can produce result as living human being scientifically and how such statues can work as of God. Even the coming young general are also made confused with this logic, and our seniors could not find satisfactory answer.

Though all sects adopt Murti Puja in one way or other way, but ‘Santana’ is most targeted. Here I am sharing my thoughts, though all are free to have their own thoughts.

First, Murti Puja is nothing to do any link or logic that can be related to science and technology. There are several scientific theories, those were valid one time, and declared invalid at other time, itself by science. So, science is also not the end foolproof tool.

Second putting Murti puja under scientific tools (thoughts) is itself a wrong ‘test’. Because Murti Puja should be tested on ‘emotional’ tools. For example, why people keep their lovers’ picture in their purse, have photographs of their happy & sad events, birth days & marriage albums, pictures on walls of their passed away parents. Because all these pictures give them different feelings as of emotion love, happiness, and sense of security.

Can you establish scientific relations of picture of lover in his purse, definitely not. But feeling wise, it has great romantic & love values. The picture of your parents on wall, reminds you of their presence, sense of security and their teachings, though it has scientifically no relevancy.

Going not so long, same way different statues remind of their presence, sense of security, and different teachings. In their presence in our homes, we are also alert about good and bad deeds. They are not only objects, but behind them is long stream of thoughts, and their presence always attract our attention, and we do not feel lonely in this world. True worships is nothing but a way of thanking for great values in our lives.
Therefore, we should discard Murti Puja’s correlation with science & technology, and should always be able to correlate with emotions & feelings.

Jai Sia Ram
Article by K.Lal

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