Common Law Admission Test is the only gateway to get admission in National Law Universities. It is a national level examination conducted by the consortium of NLUs headquartered in Bangalore and 22 NLUs have attended it as founding members.

CLAT exam conducted every year for both UG and PG programs is very common among students especially for undergraduate courses. This is evident from the fact that more than 60,000 students appear for this exam every year for about 2,175 seats, and the same is the case for the postgraduate post. Therefore it is very important for the participants to be well prepared considering the level of competition.

Here are some preparation tips that every candidate can follow to crack this exam:

CLAT Tips for both UG and PG candidates

Well versed with the syllabus:

It is very important for the candidates to be well versed with the syllabus of the exam and the topics covered to be successful in anyone. Without proper knowledge of the syllabus, candidates may lose their chance to crack the exam as there is huge competition in this type of exam including serious students.

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Time Management:

Since the CLAT exam covers a wide area of ​​study and topics to be covered, it is essential for the candidates to divide their time in such a way as to give time to each subject for preparation and preparation for the exam. Be well equipped. You can join CLAT classes to avoid waste your time.

Also, time management should be there not only at the time of preparation but also during the exam. That is, candidates must divide the time to solve the questions so that there is no disturbance at the last minute of the exam.

Proper Study Plan:

It is very essential that candidates must have a proper study plan so that they can analyze the weaker sections and work on them easily within the time limit; however, it is also necessary that the study plan so prepared should also be amended, and remember you take best CLAT study material for CLAT preparation.

Study Sources:

It is observed that students often get confused as to which book to refer to, which online source to refer to, which results, in the end, referring to different sources for a subject. Hence it is recommended that students always refer to a particular source, as different authors have different writing styles and different methods of interpretation, which creates confusion in the minds of the readers and is also a waste of time.

Practice mocks as much as you can:

To crack any competitive exam, candidates must not only study but also take regular mock tests to know where they stand. As the sample paper mostly consists of previous year papers or similar questions from the previous year which helps the candidates to know the question pattern, different concepts and problem-solving skills, and most importantly these question papers Help candidates in time management while solving.

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