Definition of education is enlightening of mind . The term of education is changed after British era. Normal Basic Education and Skilled education are different from each other. British empire changed the minds of people approach towards schools and collages . Skill is separated from school life . Students are getting basic education. Parents are paying fees for basic education. Recognizing skill and nurturing will save the time and it will give more benefits.

Students are not interested in local and regional languages this is the foolishness of Indian students. First language must be mother tongue and 2nd preference must any other chosen language . Problem mother tongue became secondary and sometimes it become irrelevant. Education department is infiltrated with slavery minds and rebel minds. Colonization of education is making our young generation powerless and slaves.

People are having this type of education for 70 years and we are seeing the success rate of educated people . It is low and discouraging . Conversion rate of education to innovation is slow and low. Until 10 years basic education after 10 years skilled education can save time it can achieve more goals for nation and society

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