As God wages relentless, brutal war on the Gods – old and new, fate of the last polytheistic belief – Sanatan hangs in balance.

"If man is not rising upward to be an angel, he is sinking downwards to be a devil. he cannot stop at the beast" - Samuel Taylor.
"Your time for love had arrived , so I entered into a covenant with you by oath"- Ezekiel,16:7-34

THE ONLY TRUE GOD – Roots of Hate

Continued from “When God went to War with Gods – 1”

History of monotheism is 3500 years old (1400 BCE – 2100 CE) is paved with blood. Acts of unspeakable brutality, hate and forgotten genocides. Yes the basic difference is theological – that my God is better than your Gods, but the hate that manifests in monotheism is driven by a more primeval feeling – FEAR. Monotheists have been for most of human history, a minority living within a large polytheistic majority. Even though to the polytheists it was not anachronous to have monotheists live among them, it was torturous for the monotheist. This intolerance was exemplified by the old custom when the first christians would hiss or even spit when crossing a pagan temple or priest.

So it begs the question WHY?

To find the answer we must go back in time, to the origin of monotheism.

Book of Genesis – And the Lord appeared unto Abram (Later Abraham) and said “Unto thy seed will I give this land”; and Abram built an altar (To worship) the Lord

Paul in The Christian Bible – “For though there be Gods many and Lords many, but to us there is but one God”

As the above 2 quotes amply demonstrate that the land where the monotheists live or claim is a land bequeathed to them by THEIR GOD and so presence of anyone else i.e. the polytheist is intolerable and abominable. Their religious leaders and scriptures amply deny the existence of any other God or divinity (going so far as to call them devil or satan or shaitan). Therefore a orthodox monotheist would not, can not tolerate existence of anything else except his own god and his own type of faithfuls or momins. The militant monotheist condemns polytheism as “abomination” (Hebrew Bible) and “mother of harlots and abomination on earth” (Christian Bible)

SANATAN DHARMA – last Bastion of Liberal Polytheism

Before moving ahead let us consider, is Sanatan is truly polytheistic? A sanatani Hindu would answer NO!

Sanatan is much more complex than the simple binary of God vs Gods or “Merawala God Terewale God is acha hai“. Yes, on the surface it is polytheistic with a myriad of Gods and Goddesses. But Sanatan also believes its divine pantheon is a manifestation of one supreme Nirakar Nirguna Brahm. It therefore combines basic premise of monotheism with polytheism. Like polytheism, Sanatan is liberal, tolerant, open to change and accepting of diversity but unlike classical polytheism, Sanatan theology sought to transcend Gods and seek new ways to merge with Brahm. Like polytheism, Sanatan has no holy book, no central scripture. It is impossible to generalize (or dumb down) Sanatan to levels of monotheism. Sanatan eschews systems and dogmas. It denies that any one system or belief or interpretation can be adequate, let alone perfect.

As monotheistic religions gain ground around the world, rivalry between its two offshoots is increasing. Christianity and Islam are on a collision course. But before that they have a common enemy in the last liberal religion on earth – SANATAN DHARMA. (Some people call it Hinduism) Till 1 billion people continue to follow the liberal, open & progressive religion, it will continue to be threat to monotheism. It is both feared and hated by these 2 monotheistic hegemonic beliefs. Sanatan & its followers are marked for eradication from the world of true believers. BUT who of the two, is the true believer?

It is here in India that the last battle between God and Gods is being fought. For 1400 years Bharat, has seen constant attacks originating from beyond its western borders. Armies of faithful momins came in wave after wave. India lost some, won some but we never stopped fighting. Between the two faiths, they ruled over this land for 800 years and yet were unable to convert this punya bhoomi to their monotheistic, monochromatic, militant faiths

BHARAT – Final Battleground

Our matrubhoomi faces an existential threat from 2 armies of One God-ism. Ironically both claim to be the one true god. One is the Armies of Christ and the other are the Mujahids. The Mujahids reached India first and had attacked, plundered and destroyed anything they deemed as abomination to their faith. Temples, Statues, Holy sites, Cities, Universities, Books everything was destroyed but was it the religious zeal that brought them here? Or was it the prosperity of Bharat? The Armies of Christ came to India at a time when Mujahids had established their rule in large swathes of Bharat. Clever as they were they did not fight the Muslim rulers directly. They came as traders, hat in hand. They slowly gobbled up kingdom after kingdom using guile, greed and guns. But their war on Sanatan was on a psychological scale that destroyed the framework on which Sanatan stood.

Islamic Invasion of India started in 712 CE

The attacks on India and the Sanatan started in the 7th century. It began with looting expeditions in 700 CE and devolved into Jihad to impose Islam on the land of unbelievers. Religion was a convenient tool to motivate its people and justify slaughter, loot and rapine. Much like the Armies of Christ, they were brutal to the extent of inhumanity (that was justified as God’s work). Greed and God were the motivations of the monotheistic, zealous invaders.

Hindavi Swaraj

After much bloodshed, muslim rule was overthrown and Swaraj (Shiva ji Maharaj’s Hindavi Swaraj) was established. Baji Rao Peshwa saw the Bhagwa hoisted on the Red Fort – seat of mughal rule. With the Badshahi agreement, Marathas became the overlords & protectors of the Kingdom in return of “Chauth” (tributes) Hindavi Swaraj lasted for nearly 150 years but lost to the Europeans, mainly the British. Superior guns, better tactics and changed roles/use of cavalry led to defeat of Marathas and establishment of East India Company’s rule over India (often called the Company Rule 1757-1857). The famous 1857 revolt led to collapse of Company rule. East India Company was never able to recover from this revolt. The assets of the company were taken over by the British crown – Queen Victoria was named the Empress of India. This period of 1858 to 1947 was called the British Raj period.

Anglo Maratha Wars

Islamic rule over India was marked by brutal religious suppression, looting,, slavery & rapine. The British rule over India was marked by racism, loot, famine & poverty. The Islamic rulers wanted to wipe out Sanatani Hindus from the face of the earth but constant revolts and attacks by Hindus prevented that. Advent of the Christian Armies disguised as traders was a much more damaging event.They did not want to convert us or kill us en mass. They wanted to bleed us dry, encroach our resources and exploit our land to feed their empire. (PS – There were no large scale conversions during the British rule).

The 190 years saw not the destruction of our temples but of our culture and national psyche. Through westernization of our education system, we were cut off from thousands of years of knowledge & culture. Deprived of these roots, Indians became willing slaves to the armies of christ. Islamic rule destroyed our books and universities and British rule replaced them with institutions that created willing slaves of the Empire. But that war continues even after 1947. We inherited the British educational systems and rules of governance. After departure of the British, we were ruled by a government of automatons that were Indians in appearance only. Brutal riots against Hindus was replaced by localized suppression of our rights. Made to feel ashamed of our origins, brainwashed in our educational institutes by left dominated ecosystem, we continue to face extinction and are unable to fight back

Will Bharat be the final epitaph in the war between God & Gods?

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