It is a historic fact that Nathuram Godse fired the shots which Killed Gandhiji in Birla Bhavan. Nathuram Godse had one point been linked with RSS and hence the RSS has been accused of killing Gandhi and that’s the perception planted in people’s minds.

I would like to bring up few points which I would like every one keep these points in minds and draw their own conclusions.

  1. Sardar Patel was all set to be the PM of India. 12 out of 15 Pradesh Congress Committees voted for Sardar Patel. But Gandhiji pressurized Sardar Patel to give way to Nehru and he did.
  2. But why Gandhiji did so? Pyarelal was the Personal secretary to Gandhiji. He writes in his book “Purnahuti” that after losing elections Nehru approached Gandhiji and threatened to split congress and hence Gandhiji asked Sardarji to withdraw. Split in Congress would have meant split in India. I do find merit in this argument. If you look at the post WWII times, US and USSR tried to divide many countries to communist and capitalist realms. For e.g. Korea and Vietnam. Nehru being a supporter and admirer of communism and USSR (he has admired USSR greatly in his book “Glimpses of world history”) should have been working for USSR, contrary to many people who claim to having preserving British interests. His stature grew in Congress only after USSR started stabilizing and aggressively exporting communism. Gandhiji as per the book “Puranhuti” with great dissatisfaction asked Sardarji to withdraw. And, it was no coincidence that Gandhiji was absent in the swearing in ceremony of Nehruji.

Lets consider the following points:

  1. Gandhiji was killed in the third attempt. My question, why was he was not given security immediately after the first attempt on his life was made?
  2. Who gained the most of Gandhiji’s death? I think it was Nehruji. Who lost the most? It was RSS. Forensic says that the person who gains the most is more likely to kill.
  3. What did RSS gain by killing Gandhiji? I don’t see a clear motive of RSS in killing Gandhiji. RSS for decades had become extremely unpopular due to this allegation.

Would quote an analogy: My grandmother considered it a sin to poision rats , but she kept the window open so that cat would come in and eat the rats away. I don’t claim any top leader to have killed Gandhiji directly, but by not providing security they ensured that Gandhiji is killed.

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