Does the title baffle you ? You may be thinking how can that be possible !?! After all, the first and second position playoffs in Olympic hockey final are the toughest ones head-head. 

It’s not about the sides alone. It’s about coming back after losing. It’s about resilience.

The bronze playoff in Olympics for sports like hockey is after losing in the semi-final : when a side finds past four-five years toil and sweat suddenly come to a naught in an instant – almost ! It hurts. It’s anguishing. Deeply distressing.

But then players (losing semi-finalists) have to recoup and rejuvenate themselves fast and prepare for their last fight of the tournament : the fight for bronze. Add to it the little time available between semi-final and a third place / bronze play off – only a day’s gap. 

The fitness and training for Olympics is also about honing one’s temperament. Its about remaining undisturbed amidst misery (BG 2.56).

It’s about the equanimity of mind over matter.  

Team India captain had gone on record saying after the semi-final loss that he / the team had no time for disappointment. He meant it. The team meant it.

And together they lived the perfect equanimity of mind that focuses on what lies ahead rather than what’s past and can’t be changed.

Inspite of the little time available to recoup, Team India did it.

They lifted the bronze.

And with it the hopes and aspirations of a billion strong !

Cheers Team India for the herculean effort !!!

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