Who is Chetan Bhagat?

A part time writer and a full time dancer.

– Manpreet Kaur (Indian Booktuber)

Doesn’t it looks funny..!

Disclaimer: If you are against feminist movements, by some of false news that spread on social media then it may be you don’t like this article so much.. Being a boy i have these issues with Mr. Chetan thoughts.. If you haven’t read Bhagat’s books but watched movies based on his books and you consider him a good author. Lemme tell you one thing, the books and the movies are entirely different.

Chetan Bhagat, the greatest grandfather of young adult fiction. The first and foremost choice of Indian fiction lovers. But still why do I hate him?

My hate for him was not an initial thing. Like others, I was also his fan, and why not? He is the one who made India get into books over again, in the age of technologies. Yes, we have to accept this harsh truth.

It is more than about 5 years, since I read his first book Five Point Someone- What not to do at IIT!! I think that was the first time when I read a complete young adult romance fiction book. The book took my whole 4 days. Neither of the books took so long to finish, of any genre. But Chetan Bhagat is the forefather of…. Blah Blah!!! And he deserves to take your time and… Blah Blah!!!

After completing the book I categorized the book as an okayish one. But I didn’t lose my zest to read Mr Bhagat. And then I picked up Revolution 20-20. Literally speaking I liked that book. And I understood why Mr Bhagat is being loved hugely.

Then I opted for 2 States, another masterpiece of his, where he amazingly describes the differences of two culture. The chemistry between Krish and Ananya was stupefying written. Though the book was a bit cheesy but is completely worth reading.

With all the expectations, I, then chose One Night @ Call Center (a full length novel) to read next. I started reading the book with full expectations. The first few pages were quite boring but the book contained good amount of pages, so I chose to keep reading.

On every new page I expected the book to get better. But disappointment never left my side. I read the whole book with the same expectation of getting something worth reading to read. But but but…. Now the real Mr Chetan Bhagat was happening.

There were some incidents in the book which even showed that girls are generally of loose character… Bruuhhh!!! And then I started rereading his books. Then I wondered how I missed out the real motive of his books- All girls come in your life with a tag of AVAILABLE and for your money.

And then ultimately Half Girlfriend happened. By then I started hating him and thought to never read his books. But books are my weakness. As soon as I got hold of the book I couldn’t control and started reading it. But couldn’t finish it because somewhere in the middle of the book there’s a line- Karna hai to kar, warna katle. And I was like what??!!!

When the whole world is talking about the sufferings of women, there is this man who makes his protagonist use such fucking shit lines. This is what you wanna teach to the teenagers Mr Bhagat? Disappointing!!

Okay okay!! He did a blunder and in order to rectify it , he did another. After getting all those hates for his book Half Girlfriend he wrote an improvement over it called One Indian Girl, a book on Feminism. Soon, after the launch of One Indian Girl the court ordered a suspension of this book because Mr Great Bhagat was accused of plagiarising (take the work of someone else and pass it as it’s own) this book from a short story written by Anvita Bajpai. And exactly how would you expect from a male chauvinist to write a whole book on Feminism.

And from then there’s no Bhagat in my author’s list.

Beware of Bhagatians.

Please share your thoughts on this..!!!!!!!!

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