The last few days saw a lot of anger and hatred towards Kareena Kapoor Khan on twitter for multiple reasons. First , when there were reports that she was offered the role of Sita Ma in a movie based on Ramayan and second over her promoting Yoga .

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Twitter erupted in anger over both incidents . Reports then said that she was dropped from the movie and her video promoting Yoga wsa also removed from government site . Many LIBTARDS showed concern over the outrage and reaction. But in my opinion, it is totally justified.

Kareena Kapoor Khan , as known by all has named her son Taimur , which is also the name of a Turqo Mongol conquered, albeit Timur not Taimur (but all the same like Kapur and Kapoor) who ravaged India and was known for his hatred for Kaffir Hindus . He is known to have committed a genocide of Hindus .EVERYONE knows that .

You chose the name knowing the history behind the name , what he had done to Hindus , in India .Even though your good for nothing husband thinks Concept of a Country did not exist before British . A simple google , which I am ceratin you did , would point you to Timur and his atrocities , his genocide and plunder on Hindus . You chose and kept that name of your son knowing it ALL. Forget about insensitive , how shameless and defiantly audacious . You really thought that because you are a famous heroine and we watch your even more useless movies , you will get a pass ? That we will bow down to Mallika e (stolen) Pautaudi and accept it ? Really ? Even more goes on to prove that you are SO OUT OF TOUCH of ground reality , of public feedback, of the very population which spend money on your brain dead movies and makes you a star ? You started thinking of yourself some royalty (which even the family of your husband is not ) .The Pautaudi was gifted to his ancestor for pillaging and killing Hindus. Not just you , even your husband .

So both of you could not care less about hurting the feeling of the majority of the population of the country that you live and work in and gave two hoots about it , despite knowing the background? SHAMELESS will not even be the word I use, will be too mild.

Ever heard anyone in Germany or Israel name their kid Adolf ? Osama is a common name in islam, ever heard anyone EVER name their kid (after 9/11) as Osama ? I know Muslim who changed their name after 9/11 to disassociate themselves from that name which resonates with death , destruction , evil , terrorism . Any sensible person would do that . It’s calling having dignity , respect , understanding . Too much to expect from Bollywood Brigade ?

Not just India , Timur was a killer in ALL of central Asia . A merciless Killer.

Ah to feign ignorance that you did not know any other person with that name and whom that name had become synonymous with . Sorry bimbo, no one is buying that .

Yes you need to be named and shamed. You need to be thrown off that high chair (of bubble) that you think you have ascended so high that it will never be brought down .

The bubble that you think exists , needs to be burst . You need to be punished for your deliberate humliation of Hindus and the country you belong to , your janma bhoomi and karma bhoomi . You need to give respect to get respect . Too much to expect from self declared royalty ? Yes you have been thrown off your high chair , like many others were thrown off .

Not that anyone expected you or your husband to have any intelligence or IQ , but basic manners and humanity is expected , even from animals. Oh BTW Taimur ki Amma, Timur is not an Arabic, Muslim name . It is a mongol name , Mongols who slaughtered , raped and killed muslims. Timur’s father was NOT a muslim, he was a Buddhist . So very technically you are even humiliating muslims. I get you and even your idiotic husband does not knwo that Khan is NOT an arabic, muslim surname. It is Mongol surname , Mongols , like Ghenghiz Khan who actually killed, raped and pillaged Muslims, took Muslim women as sex slaves. Most khans are products of those harems. The word Khan is a Mongol word , meaning Tribal Chief .

So wake up , smell the hatred, hear the loud screams , you are NO ONE . We make you a star or a flop . We pay to see you dance to cheap songs in revealing attire , gyrating to pelvic thrusting and bosom shaking moves (while many throw coins at new age mujra ) . We make you , we can unmake you and show you your aukaat .

The libtads have an issue when Hindus praise Nathuram Godse, a man who killed another for personal enemity , but defend when we question and enrage over an Indian naming their son after a man who did genocide in India ?

General Reginald Dyer , the butcher of Amristar , was born India and studied in Simla .Ever heard anyone wanting to name their son that ? Ever heard his school celebrate him as a distinguished alumni ? NEVER .

If you are a FLOP , then you are finished . Ask Aamir khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan . Go one , we are watching you , without paying now. Gone are the days of monopoly and dictatorship. You can go one to have 10 more kids and name them after Ghazni , Osama, Babur, Aurangzeb, and their multiple kids.

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