My reason to remain a Sanatani is based on my understanding of my Dharma. And this is what I have understood from what I have known and experienced and here is what I understand about it –

  • My Dharma is backed with science and its expression is pure art.
  • The primary goal of my Dharma is to achieve spiritual wellness through sound mind and body.
  • My Dharma had realized centuries back basic needs of human being and thus it has always proposed the best ways to achieve perfection in it and without disrupting the natural balance.
  • My Dharma has always understood the dependency the human have on other life forms and thus through rituals and festivals have guided us to be inclusive.
  • My Dharma has always given us knowledge of ways to nurture ourselves and our surroundings.
  • My Dharma ensures that while a body may be orphaned during its life, but the spirit it embodies should always have a friend, a guide and a mentor.

I am not asking you to understand my Dharma completely, but if you are challenging my faith, this is what I have to say –

  • My Dharma is about knowledge and from it, I have learned science, arts, logic, nature, lifestyle, and wellness.
  • My Dharma encourages me to ask questions and resolve doubts.
  • My Dharma teaches me to be a seeker of knowledge
  • My Dharma teaches me to disagree, respectfully.
  • My Dharma says that we are part of nature, and we should be its safe keeper
  • My Dharma teaches me to encourage and respect goodness.
  • My Dharma teaches me to practice traditions and culture, not due to blind faith or fear, but understand the knowledge passed down through generations by our forefathers.
  • My Dharma teaches me to respect the diversity of life and thought because in the end we are all unified.
  • My Dharma also teaches that gender does not define your role but also understands that each gender has a bigger and more unique role to play.

I am yet to explore my Dharma completely, and yet I am sure with every step, I am going to fall in love with it yet again.

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