Let’s address the elephant in the room: Is it necessary to opt for CLAT coaching classes to clear CLAT? The solution is not any. Full disclosure: the author himself didn’t take any coaching classes to clear CLAT in 2022. it’s most certainly possible to do well at law entrance exams without taking any CLAT coaching classes whatsoever.

Why do coaching classes exist, then? Does this coaching institute – Law Prep Tutorial – have any meaning at all? These questions might naturally arise in a reader’s mind and those questions that this series of articles addresses. This piece looks at the varied pitfalls and deficiencies of self-preparation

Repeating the Caveat

Again, let’s begin with the caveat: it’s possible that for a few students, self-preparation is enough. This author was one of them. But these students begin with an enormous advantage thanks to their basics of English, logic, public knowledge, and math being exceptionally clear. A massive majority of law entrance examinees don’t fall during this category. Why? Because there are things that self-preparation isn’t well-suited for.

Imbalanced Structure of Preparation

There is no structure to self CLAT preparation. Students decide by themselves what they need to review and what they don’t. As a result, likely, they spend longer on things that they enjoy and are good at and less time on their weaknesses. This results in an imbalanced preparation which will cause disasters in actual exams.

No Knowledge of Current Standing

There is no particular measuring standard against which self-preparing students can measure their position and preparation. Law entrances exams, permanently or for bad, are like races. In races, it’s impossible to understand how good one is running unless one knows where s/he stands compared to other racers. Knowing where one stands in the least times will probably prod students to up their game and perform better.

Preparation Materials

This author features a mantra: the standard of materials used for preparation is way more important than their quantity. This mantra helped him clear CLAT/AILET UG and his internal exams at NLU Delhi, CLAT/AILET PG, and UGC-NET. An individual who has skilled ten books weekly for every subject is presumably getting to perform worse than the one that knows one textbook per subject just like the back of their hand. A self-preparing student is more likely to use an excessive amount of preparation material, which will probably be detrimental to preparation.


A reader would now say that these deficiencies are often solved by enrolling during a course. The reader would be correct, but with an enormous caveat. Correspondence courses could also be better than self-preparation, but they’re no match for joining actual classes (virtual or brick and mortar classes.)

The next piece would cover the benefits of correspondence courses over self-preparation and check out some things that correspondence courses lack.

[The author of the post may be a graduate from National Law University, Delhi, and is currently mentoring students here at Law Prep Tutorial. be happy to write down to us at support@lawpreptutorial.com, and we’ll see how we will assist you or your ward in going forward in their pursuit towards law as a career]

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