Are you looking for CLAT coaching in Lucknow or India for CLAT preparation? Cracking the CLAT exam can be a very difficult and exhausting process, and doing it all by yourself adds to the challenges. Being one of the most sought after exams for law colleges in India, CLAT is a tough exam considering the number of candidates appearing for it. However, it can be turned into children’s play with the right guidance and advice.

Choosing a coaching class or not is a personal choice, but if you feel like you need some help to boost your CLAT preparation and want to join a coaching class, then you can read this article. You may want to read on so that you can make a more informative decision when choosing your partner on this journey.

In this article, we will tell you about some important factors that you must consider before choosing a coaching institute for CLAT preparation.

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Number of students in a batch

It is very important to know what will be the overall average number of students per batch because the higher the number of students in a batch, the less chance you have of interacting personally with the teacher. Having too many students in a batch can also create a ruckus and distract you from concentrating in the class.

Faculty’s Experience

There is no doubt that the more experience the faculty has, the better guidance you can get from them. The teachers who have vast experience are aware of the exam pattern, trends, changing syllabus and everything else related to the exam, and they can guide you through your entire journey and make the whole process very easy for you. Huh.

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study material provided

It is important that you go through the study material and CLAT online mock test provided by any coaching institute before joining it. Make sure that the language used in the study material is understood by you, and that you can understand the topics easily. Also, cross-check the study material to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the information provided in their study material. Ask if the institute offers mock tests/test series etc., as they can be of great help in your preparation.

teaching method

Different coaching institutes use different teaching methods; You just have to find out which one suits you best. Some coaching institutes use digital boards, some provide you with printed notes, while others require you to make your own notes. Be aware of the teaching techniques used by the institute and choose the one that best matches your techniques and expectations.

The balance between coaching and self-study

You must make sure that the coaching centre you are joining does not waste all your time so that you have some time to spare or self-study. No matter how well you are taught in coaching, self-study is important and cannot be changed. You are able to form concepts only when you study on your own. Make sure you have enough time and energy left for this by the end of the day.


fee structure

We can’t put a price tag on education, but you should take note of the fee structure and make sure it fits in the budget of you or your parents. If the fee of a coaching institute does not fall within your budget, you can either opt for their online programs (if available) or ask for their scholarship schemes (if available). Many coaching institutes offer scholarships to meritorious students, so make sure you research about the same and check if you are eligible for any kind of scholarship.

coaching environment

An ideal coaching institute should have a balanced environment where students feel at home but also have a certain discipline. There should be no unnecessary competition, but a healthy competitive environment is welcome. The institute should not overburden the students and should also be mindful of the mental health of the students.

ease of movement

You have to travel to your coaching institute and back home almost every day, so keep in mind the distance of the coaching institute. It is not practical to opt for a coach where most of your time is wasted in commuting. You can either look for an institution closer to your home or if you really want to join an institution a little further away (if possible) consider moving closer to it.

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online content availability

The current pandemic situation has taught us all about the importance of online education. Hence, you may want to choose a coaching institute for CLAT that has the provision of online lectures/ video lectures, which can be benefited by the students in the classroom or during any other calamity.

Individual attention to each student

If a student gets individual attention from the teacher, their performance improves significantly. Inquire if any institutes offer face-to-face talks with teachers or small group discussions, which can help you interact with your mentor for better guidance.

past results

Last, but most importantly, check the track record and past results of an institute. This will give you a very clear picture of the performance of a coaching institute in the CLAT exam. If the number of toppers is good and is increasing continuously with time, then you can be assured that they are updating themselves as per the changing trends in the exam.

Choosing the right coaching centre for CLAT can decide the direction of your preparation. This can be the deciding factor in your luck in the exam; therefore, you should always choose a name that is reliable and reputed. Law Prep has been one of the most renowned and trusted CLAT coaching in India. It has a track record of producing toppers in CLAT and AILET exams and has provided exceptional results over the years. In the recent CLAT 2020 result, 34 out of the top 100 AIR holders were from Law Prep Tutorials. If you wish to join the legacy and get the NLU of your choice, Law Prep can be your reliable companion in the journey of CLAT 2021/2022.

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