CLAT Exam Pattern 2022

CLAT 2022 question paper will have a total of 150 objective type questions carrying 150 marks. The questions in the exam will be preceded by reading the comprehension passage. You have to read the passages and then answer the subsequent questions. The exam will be conducted in offline mode as a pen-and-paper test. The total duration to complete the CLAT exam will be of two hours. Check out the important CLAT exam pattern highlights below:

Section-Wise CLAT Preparation Strategy 2022

Ideally, you should devote enough time to the preparation of each CLAT section. However, it should depend on your strengths and weaknesses for a particular subject that how much effort you are willing to put into its preparation. But, all classes should be prepared regardless of the fact. Tips to prepare for each section of the CLAT exam are given below:


CLAT preparation for English section

This section aims to test the comprehension, analytical, grammar and vocabulary skills of the candidates. You have to correct incorrect grammatical sentences, fill in the blanks with appropriate words, etc. The difficulty level of the questions will be of class 12. Some of the important topics that you should prepare for the English section of the CLAT exam include Grammar, Vocabulary, Antonyms/Synonyms, Word Meaning and Idioms & Phrases. If you are weak in any subject you can Join the CLAT crash course for CLAT 2022 preparation.

This section of the CLAT question paper cannot be attempted by memorizing the syllabus, it needs to be prepared consistently. You can prepare for the section by following the tips given below:

Read Newspapers:

Read some good newspapers and magazines daily. While reading, do not forget to read the editorial section of the newspaper. It is the most important part of a newspaper as it helps in developing an opinion about a topic, which will help you to understand the arguments and statements made in the passage.


Engage in regular discussions with your peers or study group. You can discuss a particular passage from the English section of CLAT and try to work out the main topic, reasoning and conclusion given in the passage together.

Practice Grammar:

To improve your English grammar, it is essential that you practice, practice and practice. You don’t need to get any fancy book but can just start with any good class 10 grammar book.

Improve Vocabulary:

Improving English vocabulary requires constant effort and practice. You can improve this by finding and remembering the meaning of any new words you come across while reading a book or newspaper.

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CLAT preparation for current affairs with GK section

The section can be prepared easily if you regularly keep track of all the news and events around the world and national importance. You must follow all controversial stories and legal decisions regarding current events. In addition, you should increase your awareness of personality and events, awards and recognition, history and general knowledge related to art and culture.

Listed below are some of the newspapers, magazines and apps that you can visit to keep your GK and current affairs updated:

Newspapers – The Hindu, GK Today, The Telegraph, Economic Times
Magazines – The Chronicles, Outlook India, India Today
Apps – Twitter, Inshorts, Business Insider

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CLAT Preparation for Legal Reasoning Section

CLAT Legal Reasoning is one of the highest weightage sections of the exam and thus should not be taken lightly. This section will consist of reading excerpts of approximately 450 words on legal matters, questions of public policy and ethical philosophical inquiry. The best way to master this section is to improve your reading and analytical skills. For the same, you can follow the preparation strategy given below:

Spend about two to three hours a day reading good newspapers, magazines and blogs related to current and current legal issues
Check out all the important matters decided in the last year, all the new amendments and Acts made in the Parliament and all other contemporary issues.

Preparation for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section

This section of the CLAT exam is closely related to the English Language and Legal Reasoning sections. Hence, you can follow the same preparation strategy as in English and Legal Reasoning. Some of the important topics to prepare for the CLAT Logical Reasoning section include Logic Games, Syllogism, Relationships and Analogy.

CLAT Preparation for Mathematics Section

If you have not studied the subject in classes 11 and 12, then you need to memorize the fundamentals of the class 10 maths syllabus. You have to cover the syllabus of CLAT Mathematics by understanding one concept per day and practising mock papers along with it. The section will have only 13-17 questions but there is also negative marking for wrong attempts. Hence, you must be careful and practice well for the section by clearing difficult concepts, understanding formulas and using mock papers. Candidates have to spend at least three months developing speed and accuracy in this section. Important topics to prepare for this section include Basic Algebra, Ratios and Proportions, Mensuration and Statistics.

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CLAT Question Papers and Mock Tests

CLAT exam preparation is incomplete without practising CLAT previous year question papers, sample papers and mock tests. Take the Free CLAT mock test for CLAT 2022. It is important to solve CLAT question papers for the following reasons:

  • gives exam-like environment
  • helps to know the difficulty
  • Helps to analyze strong and weak areas for the exam
  • improve time management skills
  • increase confidence

Best of Luck for CLAT 2022

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