Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is conducted every year by the CLAT Consortium in the month of May. It is the qualifying examination for admission to 21 National Law Universities of India. Last year more than 65000 students appeared for the exam in different parts of the country.

Candidates spend months preparing to get admission to their dream college. Generally candidates have to spend 2-24 months to prepare for this exam. Some start early and some don’t but the syllabus remains the same.

The syllabus of the exam is such that it can be prepared in less than 3 months if the candidates work religiously under a certain scheme. This is where most of them lose the battle, do not plan their preparations and fire aimlessly in every direction. The purpose of this article is to give a direction to your preparation as to how many months you have left.

24 months

This category of students already decides that they want to pursue a career in law. Mathematically, these students have an edge over everyone else as they have the most time to prepare. The aspirant also has to maintain a balance between the board exams.

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To make the most of the preparation time, the candidate must follow the steps given below.

Make a plan:

You need to focus on the two most important exams of your life. Assuming that you have just started your 11th and CLAT preparation, you have 2 years to pass the exam. First and foremost, grab the syllabus for these exams and stick it near your study area. Having done this, break down the curriculum into easily achievable goal brackets. Carry it in the month of September of the year before CLAT and board. Also, it has to be Revision… Revision and Revise.

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Join Online/Offline Coaching:

While it is possible to crack CLAT without the help of any CLAT coaching institute and take CLAT courses for CLAT preparation. it is best not to take the risk. Since you have plenty of time, professional help will not only ensure that you qualify but also that you break into the top NLUs. The modules are prepared by the professional who has checked the pattern and along with them come mock tests which are the most important part of the preparation.

Allocate time:

Considering that you have 6-8 hours of school, 2-3 hours of coaching and other activities, there is not much time left for you to prepare. However, if you want to get into a top NLU, you need to prepare at least 3-4 hours a day. Reserve a time slot for CLAT and never compromise with it. Don’t aim to sit for 4 hours, it lowers your productivity. Strategically spend your time on topics.


Improve Your Weakness:

No candidate is equally good in all subjects. Identify the subjects which are not as good as the rest of the subjects and allocate special time for them. Add an extra hour over the weekend and a few extra sessions of mock tests on that topic. Remember, in a competitive exam you can be surprised at any moment, the goal is to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Make G.K your religion:

You have 2 years to prepare, that is your biggest asset. Even the sharpest minds fail to conquer GK if they have less than 3 months to prepare. Monthly GK Aim to study magazines as well as dailies. Stable GK Refer to your module. This is not only to test you but also to develop an important habit of being aware that all successful lawyers have. Indian Express and Competition Infocus can be your choice.

Solve Question Papers:

Solve all previous years’ papers again and again. While the questions may not be the same, the exam follows a fixed pattern and will not be distracting. If you know all the moves of CLAT so far, you can guess what will happen next. Join the best CLAT coaching in India for CLAT preparation 2022.

Excess of time can also be a curse for someone. After a few months down the lane, you might think that you have covered everything and you are ready for the exam. It may mean collapse as CLAT needs practice. The day you decide to leave the practice, you reduce your chances of qualifying for the exam.

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