After Krishna killed his uncle Kansa, Kansa’s father-in-law Jarasandha was very angry with Krishna and attacked Mathura 17 times to kill Krishna and Balarama.

Every time, Jarasandha would have a Maha Gathbandhan with the enemies of Krishna and attack Mathura.

Strangely, Krishna would kill the others but allow Jarasandha to escape.

Balaram was intrigued and asked Krishna of this strategy.

The reply of Krishna is classic! He said, “Dear brother. If I kill Jarasandha, I will have to fight others individually in different many wars.

But Jarasandha helps me by gathering all our enemies and bringing them together in every war. This makes my task of fighting and eliminating many enemies at one go!

This is purely a religious story and I request you that you Must draw parallels with political events!

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