The fake farmer protests have brought forth many things, one is that the Sikh community has enough grounding in dharma to recognize adharmic elements. For example, the khalistani cause is often perceived to be a Sikh-led, violent movement which is funded from sources outside of India. However, the truth is that the khalistanis do not represent all Sikhs.

Sikhs have denounced khalistani extremism

This is precisely what we have seen with the recent events in India. The Sikh community has been quick to call out the gaddari and traitor-like terrorist characteristics of the khalistani movement. Sikhs all across India and around the world have bene quick to distance themselves from the mughal-commie funded khalistanis. This takes bravery and this bravery stems from being grounded in dharma. Sikhs have had no shame or hesitance in declaring that the notorious khalistani movement is indeed extreme and does not agree with their ethos.

Sikhs and even real farmers who happen to be Sikhs have empowered themselves at the protest sites and village-level panchayats are giving ultimatums to fake farmer-khalistanis to vacate premises or else.

On the other hand, mughals have never denounced Izlamic violence. They are unable to separate from violence and extremism as violence and extremism are very much imbedded in the ‘religious’ teachings.

Mughals have never denounced Muzlamic extremism

Mughals have wrecked havoc on India and the leftover population after partition continue to bleed India from within. Not once has a collective voice shunned violence against Hindu kafirs. The ability to live under a secular constitution where the laws actually favor the mughal minority is not enough for this group. They continue to fight to expand their influence with the eventual goal of taking over India and fulfilling the idea of a mughal caliphate.

The recent events are an opportunity for mughals to learn from Sikhs – to denounce violence and call out the extremists elements within your community. Terrorism, most of the time has the same religion. Accepting a problem is the first step in the process of recovery.

If not now, then when? The window is open now. Mughals can learn something valuable from the kafir Sikh brethren. But will they?


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