We all must have heard Neo Buddhists blaming Hindus for destroying the sacred place of Buddhists and building Hindu temples over them. These bogus claims doesn’t hold a single mole of water. Each of these so-called Buddhist claims were manufactured to justify the razing of Hindu Temples by Muslim invaders and the Portuguese and to run away from the cyclone of truth. Similar manufactured theories and claims like “Aryan Dravidian theory”, “Muslim-Dalit friendship” and “Adivasis as the original inhabitant” were created by Marxist Historians to distract Bharat from the water of truth. These bogus claims are a fantasy of Nehruvian-Marxist Historians.

If the Neo Buddhist consider their own manufactured claims valid that hindus destroyed the sacred places of Buddhists and built Hindu temples over them, then why do these claims suddenly appear only when Hindus make a claim with respect to a Temple ? For example one party intervened in the Sabarimala case to claim that it was a Buddhist Temple taken over the Brahmins. A similar argument was made in the Ramjanmabhoomi case. Why can’t such Buddhists actually pursue their claims to their logical conclusion like Hindus did in the case of Ram Janmbhoomi ? Also why Neo- Buddhists are not coming forward asking for repealment of the Places of Worship Act 1991 like Hindus, because this might give them a chance to prove their claims.

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