Gomti Thapar Hospital Moga: After marriage, it becomes the dream of the couples to have a baby and have someone playing in their arms. Whenever the couple decides to become parents, then they are full of joy, they get many dreams associated with the baby and they plan for a lot of the things to be done during and after the pregnancy. It is a happy story.

But what happens when all these dreams, happiness and the planning of the couples get dashed to the dust? I know, they feel extremely devastated. But gone are the times, when there was no solution for infertility. Now visiting an IVF centre in Punjab merely will let you know about the series of solutions.

Cost: The test tube baby cost is not the same for all the couples. It depends upon the cause of infertility. On average, it ranges between INR 50,000/- to INR 1,50,000/-.

Benefits of Visiting a Fertility Specialist?

These are also known as reproductive endocrinologists. These doctors have additional training in infertility diagnosis and fertility treatment. Some of the fertility specialists are experts in dealing with the issues of both genders. But others only treat specific gender issues.

  • Period Problems

Usually, the diagnosis of infertility starts by taking the period irregularities into account. There could be any problems associated with the periods like periods are irregular, fluctuation in the bleeding levels, the periods are not at all showing up.

The fertility expert will not only detect these kinds of issues but he or she will offer the solution for it as well.

  • Can present the solution to all your fertility problems

The fertility problems could show up in many forms, and the experts dealing with this discipline are adept at effectively treating all the problems.

No matter whether it is the male factor infertility or there is a functional and structural problem in the reproductive system of the females, everything can be expected to get treated.

  • They are your supporting pillars

Not every pregnancy reaches the delivery stage. Some never happen, while others fail. The fertility experts emerge as a great strength and support providing pillars in those tragedies. Some tragedies are very difficult for couples to handle.

Case study

There was a female who was pregnant. She was travelling to Golden Temple. In the mid-way, she met with an accident. Because of that, she lost her baby. She was so excited for the baby and once she lost her, all her excitement was converted to fear. Now she never wanted to conceive again as she feared that if it would happen again, they may not be able to tolerate the pain. At that time; her husband took her to the fertility specialists who not only diagnosed and treated her for good ovarian stimulation but she also encouraged her with the biological logic to try to conceive once again.

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