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As always I saw the Twitter uproar about “Ripped Jeans” trending on twitter . Apparently he made a statement about Women wearing Ripped Jeans at work.

I was really shocked at the reaction by so called educated women and the reaction .

All he said was that he was shocked to see a woman wear a casual garment like Ripped Jean AT WORK .

What you wear defines you . I was always told by my parents that does not matter how many pair of clothes or shoes you have or how expensive or cheap they are , clothes and shoes should always be clean , neat and respectable. Even at home . I was also told that always wear clothes according to Place, Time, Situation, Age and Body . This is what dignified people follow. I was never allowed to keep long nails, keep untidy hair or ever step out of my home without looking dignified , EVER.

Yes fashion trends come (or are made to trend by billion dolar marketing ) , and people follow it but when it comes to work , one has to be dressed professionally .

As much I admire fashion (being an amateur designer myself , as I can’t stand the horrible clothes and designs all high street labels sell us at exorbitant prices ) , I also ensure that I do not follow them blindly and do apply my head when following trends or wearing garments.

So let’s analyze the statement made by Tirath Singh Ji .

Did he say he had issues with short skirts, shorts or even Bikinis ? NO

Did he object to women wearing formal skirts at work ? NO

All he said was he does not approve of women wearing ripped Jeans when working professionally. Which is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT .

I run a company and I have strict dress code to follow at work.

No Ripped jeans .

No transparents clothes .

No short skirts (they need to be 3 inches below knee) .

No sleeveless , deep necks .

No chappal (flip/flops) .

No visible undergarments , straps or stomach (only allowed when wearing a saree ) .

Tidy hair and clean shoes .

No offshoulder dress or top .

No ripped jeans or jeans which hang below waist .

Yes these are the rules for dressing in my company .

Be cause when you come for work , one has to look professional .Period.

And only some low iq , idiot would think garments like Ripped jeans , off shoulder , sleevesless, belong at work place . Yes LOW IQ, WANNABEE .

When you come to work , look like you belong to a workplace .

Casual fashion is for off duty , personal leisure time.

And seriously in my opinion ripped jeans , ripped tops and cut shoulders dresses were the WORST fashion trends ever created and only people with no sense of style , class or dignity ever wore them.

Even for casual wear , Lightly ripped jeans are fine , they do look look trendy and smart .

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But let’s face it , majority of ripped jeans purchased look like the cheap , uncouth , bhikari types.

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No , seriously , are you trying to say that such horrendous garments are fine at workplace ? ABSOLUTELY NO . In my opinion they are not even fine in casual time .

I do see these college kids wear such garments when coming for interview and I always reject them . Sorry but if you are not mature enough to know what is work place dressing , you are too dumb to get a job .

Serious;y Mrs. Priyanka Chaturvedi , look at your age , the position you hold , and you wear such a garment. Pretty much seals my opinion of you being a cheap wananbee with no sense or IQ . And yes , you do NOT have the body to carry out this garment . Old age wisdom “Always wear what your body can carry , else you land up looking like a fool ” .Reminds of Delhi ki aunty brigade , with stomach bulging out from their bodycon dresses they have purchased from Zara and Mango. YIKES.


I have never approved of this ghastly trend and always made fun of anyone wearing them (simply for having NO taste or sense of style ) , along with those who bought cut shoulder dresses. YIKES , FASHION CRIME .

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Just like me , Tirath Singh ji has a right to his opinions. Just like me , he may or may not approve of a fashion trend .

He had concerns about a woman running an NGO wearing Ripped jeans at work . Totally justified. I would judge ANYONE wearing ripped jean at work , and as a parent, she has to set standards and show her children what right or wrong is. How to talk, behave and dress. She is definitely failing. So what wrong did he say ? NOTHING . Once I rejected a man for marriage because he came to meet me wearing round-neck T shirt and jeans with sandals. Sorry but your dressing speaks more about you than you can fake. I judge and mock women who show cleavage at work .I judge and mock men who wear hanging jeans at work . And NO these garments do not fit at work

I remember when so-called fashionista Miss (Only get Asthma on Diwali )Priyanka Chopra wore that dress exposing knees to meet Modi ji. I mean how classless. As much as I think this wannabee has no sense of style or fashion, I expected this cheapster to know basic dressing sense . Oh dear . The comment was not sexist , it was mocking her lack of sense of dressing.She pretty much sums up all so called WOKE fashionistas of India , No sense, No sytle , no knwoledge , throw money and wear ANYTHING and call yourself modern feminist .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had no issues with Priyanka Chopra's  knee-length dress?

And in no time , het mother defended her , and posted a picture of them together with Mama Chopra wearing a sleeveless short top with a short skirt , with her ample curves oozing out in every possible direction . I guess having no class or sense of style and dressing runs in their blood.

What Priyanka Chopra Posted After Being Trolled For Wearing Dress To Meet  PM Modi

Respected Mrs. Chopra , if you indeed wanted to wear some western dresses, at your age and given your body here are some suitable options for you .(You and your classless daughter may hire me) .

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No he did not say anything against short skirts , shorts or even bikinis . That was NOT a sexist comment . It was a comment on workplace dressing . Just like I have rules for dresscode at my office . No , I would not wear Salwar Kameez for swimming and I would also not wear Ripped Jean for work.

You can wear what you feel like in leisure , or at home or with friends . But when it comes ot work , prefesisonal space or official space , a sensible person should adhere to class, dignity, and respectable garments.

So to even distort his comments to make him sound sexist speaks more about the lack of IQ of these rabid feminazis who seem to have LOST all sense to question and reason.

So dear wannabees, here are some fashion trends , which I am sure your tribe will follow, spend money and will trend when mocked about.

Ripped bottom

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Show your thong dress .

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