i saw this tweet from the famous balbberer Swara Bhasker , about her being ashamed to be a Hindu (as always ), over a fake story that is being spread and has been countered by Ghaziabad Police

Even her other “Anti Jai Shree Raam “(but will defend Sar Tan se Juda ) brigade leader , Mr. Zubair aplogized for pushing the fake news narrative.


Now let me list down all the times this self-proclaimed messiah of Women , Dalits , Opressed , vicmtimized masses was NOT ASHAMED when a crime happened against them .

When a dalit girl was raped by a Muslim .

When a dalit man was killed by Muslims .

When a Dalit Christian was not allowed burial in a cemetry meant for upper caste Christians

When Sister Lucy was expelled from Chuch for standing by a sister who was raped .

When Mr. Owaisi did not want Ahmediyyas to be included as Muslims in India.

When Muslims set fire to a mahadalit Basti and injured pregnant woman and killed one.

When a 60 year old grandmother was raped in front of her garndson in Bengal . I mean i thought you were a famous (placard carrying feminist ) .


When a 10 year Muslim girl was raped by a Maulvi inside a Mosque .

When a minor Hindu Girl was gangraped when she refused to convert to Islam.

So ranting blabberer Swara Bhasker here are some tips for you , STFU , literally STFU . You are notning but a cheap HYPOCRITE , a propoganda artist who just wants attention. You get it every now and then for 5 minutes when you ALWAYS come back to attack Hindus , like my dogs get bones after I eat my meals . That is what you are , a third class bottom feeder. A parasite, whose existence is limited to living off others , in this case misery of a few .Your existence would makes no sense if it were not for you for breeding and feeding off Hindu hatred . No one supports you , people just laught at you .

When she was asked why doed she not ever speak up when teh accused are not Hindus , he merely stated that she does not sit on twitter ALL DAY tracking all awful news. SO dear , why do you only activate when the accused in every awful news is Hindus ? OOH selective twitter activation ? WOW

Your fake concern, agenda driven one-sided activism is not even hidden . It was exposed LONG BACK .So stop it if you have ANY shame left , just stop it .

Yes there are times when I am ashamed to be a Hindu , when opportunstic vultures like you call themselves Hindus . That’s all . rest of the time , I am a proud , unapologetic Hindu.

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